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Play Tamer Saga 2 Tamer Saga 2 Dec. 09, 2014
Nothing to see here. Just another auto-play game. Add this to the list of every R2Games game, and just stay away.
Play Party Of Heroes Party Of Heroes Nov. 24, 2014
ok, so there is no way to get anything above a 2 star guy for free? But you can pay and get all 4 star champions. I thought at least "Evolve" was to increase their rank, but its only to allow them to level up some more. So it is literally impossible to ever win matches when the best you get is 2 star characters to paying players 4 star ones. No thanks
Play Jungle Wars Jungle Wars Nov. 21, 2014
so another Clash of Clans clone. First thing I have to ask is what makes this one different? Why would I play this over the dozens of copies of the same exact thing?
Play Party Of Heroes Party Of Heroes Nov. 19, 2014
Poorly done. Not sure a game like this has a place on Kongregate. Tablet port with extreme Pay to Win issues. Also, immediately turn off your sound, or all you will hear is the Archer chick yelling "Rape" over and over again. 2/5
Play Bloons Monkey City Bloons Monkey City Nov. 18, 2014
Getting that disconnect error "Remote Login:blah blah blah". Happens every time on certain tiles. I can play for hours, no issues, have the whole area near/around that tile, and whenever I beat it (after the level finishes, but before the rewards screen), thats when I get disconnected.
Play Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild Nov. 18, 2014
Fun enough, but could be better. Am I the only one who thinks the cycle just goes too fast? I feel like 99% of my game time is eating, drinking and sleeping, and I work in 30 secs of crafting/farming/mining. Totally not fun for me, but that could be just me. I would rather have longer times to explore and play and not just eat/sleep.
Play Bloons Monkey City Bloons Monkey City Nov. 17, 2014
Very fun. Not what I expected when I clicked on a Bloons game. Mixes the great Bloons gameplay you know and love with city building. I only have 1 question so far, what do the Kred buildings do? They dont say anything, or just decoration? Also, needing friends (supply crates) has never been a Kongregate thing. Maybe find a different way around that.
Play Urban Wizard 4 Urban Wizard 4 Nov. 17, 2014
First, Im a wizard, but all I have are guns and grenades? Second, nothing to spend money on, no upgrades or spells or anything. You just restock grenades and ammo, and repeat the same over and over. NIce try, but it needs more. Maybe let me buy fireballs or lightning or something, I am a wizard after all.
Play Vortex Point 5 - Monster Movie Vortex Point 5 - Monster Movie Nov. 15, 2014
Very disappointing. Extremely short and very straight forward once you get the cup done. Took 15 minutes to figure out the cup, 5 minutes for the entire rest of the game.
Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Nov. 10, 2014
Very fun game, with some minor issues. Small grammatical errors, and some inconsistency with names (Gurton/Gurdon, also Obrian/Obrien). And the religious puzzle, it does matter what version of a bible you check. For example, a King James wont read the same as NIV, and you wont get the password. Maybe have NIV on the chalkboard somewhere too.
Play Shards of Titan Shards of Titan Nov. 03, 2014
Very fun game. Much like Wartune, but alot less focus on PVP. And of course a lack of Pay to Win so far, but it is in beta, so that could very well change. Also Stamina bad...but I understand wanting to limit players playtime, it is about the only monetization there is.
Play Zombie Crusade Zombie Crusade Oct. 22, 2014
So, I got 3 stars on every level, beat the game. And no achievement for 3 stars on every level or for "defending the kingdom". Please fix achievements in game.
Play Hook Hook Oct. 07, 2014
Its like untying a knot. I absolutely love it. Great concept, and very well executed. Who knew something so minimalist could be so much fun.
Play Bond Breaker Bond Breaker Sep. 11, 2014
Fun game. Controls arent too bad, although timing is tough on some levels. All and all, it adds difficulty, not frustration, and the game is still fully doable. Loved it, great concept and very well executed. Good job.
Developer response from TestTubeGames

Thanks, aslan, for the very thoughtful feedback! Glad you enjoyed it.

Play Ninja Time Pirates Ninja Time Pirates Sep. 06, 2014
Ok, so it could be nice. Looks fun with a good sense of humor. Sadly, the controls are terrible, the prices are absurd, and the AI is awful. Game needs a ton of work before its "playable". 5k dark matter for a revive? really? You are lucky to have 5k by 5 levels in, you get maybe a couple hundred per level, and you have to use it to upgrade weapons as well, so you never really stockpile it. The gold prices are just as bad, and I would never even look at the cash shop stuff. Noone should pay real money for a game at this stage. Your "team" AI is unplayable, they always miss, they dont move automatically into range to fire, and theres no way to move them out of harms way to dodge incoming fire. Thats just scratching the surface, I could go on and on.
Play Jellydad Hero Jellydad Hero Sep. 04, 2014
Not bad. Its done well and very cute. I enjoy platformers just as much as Snail Bob. The one complaint I have is controls. WASD or customizable. Arrow keys arent comfortable for everyone.
Play Quad Cop Quad Cop Aug. 29, 2014
Not too bad, But also not great. The physics are off, and rely on luck. Doing the same thing twice doesnt have the same result. Also, there is a bug with the level select. You cant select the level you left on if you are over 10 but under 20, it only lets you select up to 10. After beating all 20, it now lets me select 11, but nothing higher than that.
Play Rage 3 Rage 3 Aug. 24, 2014
Seriously, whats with arrow keys? WASD movement, and customizable keys is pretty much a must have in any game these days. Complete failure for controls.
Play i saw her across the world i saw her across the world Aug. 22, 2014
Mystery Cave (from the hearts) does not load. Just goes to a white screen. Freezes the game, no menu or anything, have to refresh browser to play. (on Chrome).
Developer response from krangGAMES

Thanks for the report! You're right, it was. Fixed now! You might need to delete cookies or history, since the bugged version is probably cached for you. Unfortunately your save data will be lost. HUGELY appreciate you pointing the bug out though :)

Play Aviator Aviator Aug. 21, 2014
Fun little game, port from Facebook. @Aella83, you can get flight certs for free just from leveling up. So keep on playing, and you will get those cities unlocked without spending any real money.