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Play Dead Zed 2 Dead Zed 2 Mar. 14, 2014
I have never fired a gun in my life, but it feels like this is how guns are supposed to behave. Congrats - awesome game. I hope you will make a stand-alone version of this series for windows/mac/linux/whatever. I think the market doesn't have enough painkiller+zombie-shooter-type games-while-standing-still-and-sending-out-search-parties.
Play Give Up Give Up Mar. 02, 2014
I would like this game a whole lot more if the double jump would work right. For example, if you jump, collide with a vertical wall and then try to jump again, it wouldn't work. Did you guys do that on purpose ?
Play Sentry Knight Sentry Knight Feb. 17, 2014
With just one hammer whack across the face you can forget what you learned from battle experience, and learn the same things or others almost instantly.
Play 10 is Again 10 is Again Dec. 28, 2013
Easy way to solve this: 1. Open calculator 2. Calculate all of the additions without taking into account multiplications 3. See how much more you need to add or subtract to get a multiple of 10. 4. Use multiplications to get the remainder (either minus or plus a number) I'm still at the second level, so I don't really know what follows, but I guess you could use the same method. (Also, awesome game. This man deserves a 5.)
Developer response from iojoe

Another original approach to the math - nice thinking asmodeu2!! Here's a good tip if you want to try to do it without a calculator: make as many easy 10s as you can until there are fewer numbers to consider (say four or five different numbers) and then it's simpler to see what you need to multiply/invert/divide.

Play Endless Evil Endless Evil Aug. 17, 2013
Annoying implementing-related bug: if you start zoomed out in your browser, you will only get to see part of the entire screen until you zoom out then reload the page.
Play Madness Interactive America,s Army Madness Interactive America,s Army Aug. 14, 2013
Though it's not a great game, I kinda like this one. It's frustrating that you don't have a crosshair though.
Play Fast Monster Shooter 2 Fast Monster Shooter 2 Aug. 14, 2013
Can anyone even win this ? The engine itself is rather good, but the gameplay lacks everything.
Play Ripple Dot Zero Ripple Dot Zero Jul. 21, 2013
Do I sense major influences from the Sonic franchise ?
Play Outer Invasion Outer Invasion Jul. 07, 2013
New alien technology: hogging oranges at human soldiers will make them explode to a pulp.
Play Zombie Pandemic Zombie Pandemic Jul. 07, 2013
Had to run away from a squirrel because I couldn't hover my mouse over it :\. I feel pathetic...
Play Town of Fears Town of Fears Jun. 28, 2013
The only thing I have against this game is that it's been 2 years and nothing dark has come. We demand a part 2 !
Play Don't Escape Don't Escape Jun. 27, 2013
This game is good. I WANT MORE !
Play Daymare Cat Daymare Cat Jun. 25, 2013
Play Ninja and Blind Girl 2 Ninja and Blind Girl 2 Jun. 12, 2013
Most of the times, when your ninjas push the enemies too much off the screen without killing them, they'd get stuck there and you have to either lose or restart the game, else the level won't end.
Play Bois D'Arc Bois D'Arc Jun. 12, 2013
How to choose your archer: Are you a bad/reckless aim and want area of effect damage ? Yes - Fire. Are you a pretty good shot and like gambling a bit ? Yes - Lightning. Are you a God at gaming or do you want to lose every single game from level 6 onward ? Yes - Earth.
Play Elevator Breakout Elevator Breakout Jun. 21, 2012
Hey, I'm in an elevator. Should I just press a floor button or whack my head in the ceiling until it stops ?
Play Outpost: Swarm Outpost: Swarm May. 31, 2012
The game is awesome, but I'd love it a lot more if the screen zoom wouldn't have been weird as it is. The more you zoom in, the more of the actual outpost you can see (it doesn't just make everything look big, like it should).
Play Block Bros Block Bros Apr. 29, 2012
The simple geometry of the map make this game VERY EASY. Though nice design.
Play King Lost - Lewis Carroll Style King Lost - Lewis Carroll Style Apr. 29, 2012
You find the chair near the exit, behind the houses. You then go to the guy with the ladder. Then go to the girl who wants ladder. Climb ladder. see password (Bocal). Exit castle. Enjoy limited view. Enjoy other quests.
Developer response from DystralEuphorie


Play Out of wind Out of wind Apr. 26, 2012
I only get a white screen, no game.