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Play The Enchanted Cave 2 The Enchanted Cave 2 Jan. 22, 2015
Play Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in Space Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in Space Jan. 03, 2015
Wallace might have discovered the Carbonite. Horray for him. and crys for him that he got stuck himself.
Play Candle Man Candle Man Jan. 03, 2015
I wonder how the candle is alive. Muh. Maybe on sequel they would add how the candle is alive...
Play Escape #1: The Car Escape #1: The Car Dec. 31, 2014
Walkthrough part 2:Cut the tape that blocks the middle thingy, sorry. forgot how u say that. but do u see the tapes? Use the KNIFE to cut them. The code for the panel is E40. according to the E circled and the accerelating arrow is on 40. Combine the flashlight with batteries and use the flashlight w/ batteries on the darkness. Use the flashlight on the cracked light, get the ignition key. Go back to the front seat, (remember to get the wiring guide on the top of back seat. and dont forget to open what is holding that by the knife) Go to the accerelator and brake, use SCREWDRIVER with the panel with screws, read the wiring guide inside the panel (red. gray, green. blue) dont forget to cover the connections with Electrical Tape. use the Ignition Key to turn on the car energy. go to the accerelator and brake and press trunk and go to the back seat and go inside the middle thing again. And click the light and u ESCAPED! Press + to keep this alive. Feel free to traduct.
Play Escape #1: The Car Escape #1: The Car Dec. 31, 2014
Walkthrough:Go get the items, except the Ignition Key. (knife is under the chairs, key is on the smoking trash, electrical tape and batteries are on glovebox -opened by key on the smoking trash- Wiring Guide is on the top. on Mobile verison of that game u can go up in any direction. but in this u have to go up on the back seats, screwdriver is on seat (why i said that the screwdriver is on the seat? everybody might know that...) dont forget the flashlight, on the front seats box. did i miss any? comment here. and press + to keep alive!
Play Escape #1: The Car Escape #1: The Car Dec. 31, 2014
2:14. Beat u. dodo121.
Play Escape #1: The Car Escape #1: The Car Dec. 31, 2014
Okay, who put the auto pilot?
Play Defend the Dam Defend the Dam Dec. 30, 2014
And well. those that just rated down on my comment are just those puns.
Play Defend the Dam Defend the Dam Dec. 30, 2014
Well. these that say bad about the game are just puns. They didnt faced the awesomeness of this game. Those that said that the time is long are just impacient and well, didnt knew that its worth truely waiting! Also. i think that those evil creatures eat wood. Or they are angry at the dam. I dont know what is the reason of the attack. The creator should add to the description saying why they are attacking. Would make more sense.
Play TextRPG: The Rise of Diablo TextRPG: The Rise of Diablo Dec. 29, 2014
Yeaaaaa. I think that the book that the Questmaster was reading and lost it was Final Fantasy V.
Play Mike Shadow: I paid for it! Mike Shadow: I paid for it! Dec. 22, 2014
@blueboy Upon EVEN more further inspection. they discovered that the machine was made entirely by dalektanium. the material of daleks.
Play TCT RPG TCT RPG Dec. 19, 2014
Play Dungeon Developer Dungeon Developer Dec. 18, 2014
I, the dungeon developer, was accpeted into the Club of Dungeon Developers. with even the Dungeon Man.
Play Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0 Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0 Dec. 18, 2014
(p.s:not kongregate achivements. but if u have a script for the achivements on kongregate allows the player get the final equipments, okay, well if u don't. just do the achivements in-game)
Play Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0 Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0 Dec. 18, 2014
I would suggest achivements, as collecting all the achivements unlock the final set of core, body, weapon and wing. Credits to levatron for the idea of higher level upgrades. yea, i liked this content and accpeted well the idea. but i felt that a "total completion" is needed. like achivements, and when u get all the achivements u get something supreme.
Play Orbital Onslaught Orbital Onslaught Dec. 18, 2014
kekekekekekeke. i am a robot from this game that you are playing.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy Epic Battle Fantasy Dec. 09, 2014
PRO TIP:Keep your defences and even the magic ones up for major bosses. Very important when fighting Goku. as his Spirit Bomb is a magic attack. If your barrier is fading. ya. you would be dead.
Play ESCAPE ESCAPE Dec. 09, 2014
Okay. Who put those lighting spikes?
Play The Empty Kingdom The Empty Kingdom Dec. 08, 2014
@gypo To abandon it. duh
Play Castaway 2 Castaway 2 Oct. 24, 2014
Whoa. Sigils are more like robots.