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Play Super Happy Fun Time Game! For Kids! Super Happy Fun Time Game! For Kids! Jul. 16, 2014
Initially you had to fight the ogre for flowers to give to the princess, but I thought that a little too violent, that's why I changed it to a riddle contest. A little simple I know, but I'd rather stick to my morals.
Play Basic Game Basic Game Dec. 14, 2011
Who on earth has rated this game over 1 star?
Play Random Game! Random Game! Dec. 14, 2011
Simple but I found it useful. The most useful thing that could improve it would be to have a sort feature. There are a lot of terrible games out there and I'd like to get a random game from 3-5 star games than get several games I ended up rating 1 star in a row. But now it delivers all that it promises and I can't find fault with that.
Play Through Heaven Through Heaven Dec. 03, 2011
You have a typo in the description. It's far too generous to call this a game.
Play Massacre Street Massacre Street Dec. 01, 2011
It was fun for a little while. There needs to be something progressing to keep our attention. Some kind of story or upgrades, preferably both.
Play Alien Approach Alien Approach Nov. 30, 2011
What is up with games that don't include some sort of a win screen? Why not?
Play New Mario Defense New Mario Defense Nov. 30, 2011
I'm not going to lie, this wasn't the game for me. I was bored midway through the first level. With that said, Mario is an easy target for terrible developers who just want to churn out quantity over quality. This is by far and away the best Mario defense game I've played on here. It's not the perfect game but good job.
Play The Journey The Journey Nov. 29, 2011
I wasn't trying to be antagonistic but really? If you read the comments for this game, why don't read the comments posted on the game you just tried to pass on as an achievement? I had the bad luck to upload my second game during Thanksgiving, I'm thankful it even saw 80 views that day. If you want a more accurate way to compare games, look at the scores. My first attempt at making a game was amateurish and plagued with problems that are 100% my fault but it still scored half and again what your "Melt the Ice" did. Another word of advice, delete that game and pretend it never existed.
Play The Journey The Journey Nov. 27, 2011
I did something very similar with my first game, using nothing but stencyl forge. Check it out and see how you could have done some more.
Developer response from warrington

Actually one of my games "Melt the Ice" has more plays than all of your games combined so... I win

Play Interactive Phil I: Pilot Interactive Phil I: Pilot Nov. 27, 2011
I don't care about graphics (just look at my games) but you really could have done much more. It's almost always better to practice restraint before uploading and add more content.
Play Exploding Ball Exploding Ball Nov. 27, 2011
You lied to me. There was no explosion.
Play Who are you? Who are you? Nov. 23, 2011
I actually went ahead and made another game taking a look at how it can be difficult to create. Check it out,
Play Gathe Escape-Wardrobe Gathe Escape-Wardrobe Nov. 10, 2011
I got out but this time I'm this time going to rate this time a 1 for your mistake ridden game this time. The math is wrong for the code, you have to put an 8 where the 0 is.