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Play Idle Castle Crush Idle Castle Crush Mar. 19, 2014
sometimes the blocks go past the flag and dont touch it. I think there should be a vertical line where any block that passes it will give yo money rather than the flag.
Play Gamer Memory Test! Gamer Memory Test! Feb. 28, 2014
there are so many songs on here and I honeslty dont even know half of them let alone what games they are from. I think maybe giving an option to just let the player see what game the song is from and what the name of the song is as well as where the song is used, example its in a certain level or its the theme song of a certain character etc. I dont know if the answers are what the name of the song is or what game its from and honestly after trying many times i couldn't get any right at all haha and the hints tell me what I already know, example the 1st song for gen 4 was from a mario game and I dont know which game specifically, nor do I know if the answer is the game or the name of the song itself being played and after many attempts nothing worked so I dont know whether it will accept any variations of the answer or if it has to be typed exactly which makes it very hard to guess what the correct letters should be exactly even if you know the name of the game and song.
Play Soul Tyrant (Beta) Soul Tyrant (Beta) Feb. 14, 2014
This game is very awesome first of all. I love that you can resurrect skeletons and control them as well as 2 other demon/monster things. The summoning was a bit buggy for me. It would not always work. Also maybe make more than 1 special attack besides the flaming sword, maybe like where u can shoot a giant fireball that explodes. Also when u resurrect those giant ice monsters maybe instead of them becoming skeletons, make them come back as ice monsters. Sometimes resurrecting skeletons would make me go up into the air. Maybe have more than 2 types of foul beasts that you can resurrect.
Play Pause Ahead Pause Ahead Dec. 04, 2013
great game. Its EXTREMELY difficult and the boss is impossible for me to beat, but SUCH an excellent game. I would really love a level select and a different pause button, 1 where ur not moving while its paused that is, so it gives you time to figure out those MASSIVELY tricky levels. But good stuff man.
Play Fallen World Fallen World Oct. 17, 2013
very nice game. It kind of gets hard a bit too fast and the cost of leveling up upgrades gets too expensive after you upgrade items once or twice, but this is a nice game.
Play Jade Wolf Jade Wolf Jul. 05, 2013
controls are bad
Play Monster Legions Monster Legions Jun. 18, 2013
yes nerdook another masterpiece, BRILLIANT. Its ALMOST perfect. I think maybe more card slots for your cards and also a way to manage the cards better, like you can drag and drop cards and switch 1 card with another in your deck. Maybe upgrade the general. BUt yeah this game is great. I LOVE THE MUSIC ITS SO AWESOME. ANd I also love that you put the music creditsin the game so we actually know what it is. your games are so simple, yet SOOOOO GOOD. GREAT WORK AS ALWAYS NERDOOK. Cant wait for your next game.
Play Beowulf I Beowulf I Jan. 30, 2013
rofl, wtf is this? lmfao and why are ppl giving it 5/5 and saying its a great game? lmao the space bar isnt even working, i cant attack, I dont know wtf is even happening in the game lol
Play Anime Smash Beta Anime Smash Beta Aug. 15, 2012
u only get a 2 since only 2 playable characters
Play Hands of War 2 - Expanded Edition Hands of War 2 - Expanded Edition Aug. 13, 2012
problem with mr & mrs axis riddle. The answer SHOULD BE 14 ppl in the family if u count mr & mrs axis but that answer is apparently incorrect.
Play Test Subject Green Test Subject Green Jul. 29, 2012
needs a walkthrough, some of the levels are too bloody hard to complete
Play Bouncy Fire Fighters Bouncy Fire Fighters Jul. 12, 2012
DAMN BIRDS on levl 14, its so impossible to beat that level just from the amount of birds. Maybe have it so that after 1 hit or a few u kill them. Neat game & I love the sounds of infatuation & surprize when they are rescued ;)
Play Squirtman Squirtman Jun. 02, 2012
the title sounds like a sleazy X rated film, but the music is nice & its a neat game, not that great, also very old game.
Play Hong Kong Ninja Hong Kong Ninja Apr. 20, 2012
great classic styled side scroller beat em up. Theres a problem with level 10, it gets stuck at the part where theres the big grey semi with the orange front. I cant go further even though it the GO arrow shows up. Always happens & cant go past this point on level 10.
Play Lolwut, The Game Lolwut, The Game Mar. 27, 2012
lol, its an interesting game. Stuck on level 502 where u have to make ur own stage lol. Some of its VERY tricky. over its fine. I like the nyan mischevious cat face in 1 of the levels :3
Developer response from Meox

Some of the side-scrolling levels were trickier than intended I must say haha.

Play SAS - Zombie Assault 3 Flash SAS - Zombie Assault 3 Flash Feb. 27, 2012
love this game. Have a quick button to equip picked up weapons & sentry guns instead of having to press space & select it while still being vulnerable. Maybe have the keys: Z X V B N, & number keys to quick select items. Every Now & then the game gets stuck after a wave has been fully cleared. I waited over 15 mins 1 time. Bring in melee weapons, some with longer reach & higher damage & maybe shift or control key for using it so it can hit multiple enemies in a wide range, that would be helpful with swarms.Have some of the guns, especially the powerful 1's & the sentry's be abel to shoot through walls. Have radar show damaged & destroyed walls. Make Chat command. Devastators ground slam radius is way too big, make it smaller so a reasonable distance away can avoid his slam attack. Add option to decrease resurrection time of fallen comrades, maybe by going near/over them & holding a button to speed up res time. Otherwise REALLY good game.
Play Line of Fire Line of Fire Feb. 26, 2012
Sorry forgot to add that u cannot see the weapon for the recon. Also some instructions would be helpful. So far it looks like an alpha/beta, & could use alot more work to finish it but so far looks quite promising. Keep at it :D
Developer response from Remixgames

If the weapon is invinsible try reloading it

Play Line of Fire Line of Fire Feb. 26, 2012
yaaay first comment! :D THe screen is waaaay too big dude. Even on fullscreen the game screen cannot fit entirely within my computers window.
Play Run Ninja Run Run Ninja Run Feb. 20, 2012
lol couple glitches, all of happened to me when I'm sliding, 1 of them got me through a level on the mountains stage , makes me lol, good, nice charming game with humor.
Play Monster Arena Monster Arena Feb. 10, 2012
Oh I also forgot, maybe add more monster types available to try out, theres quite alot u face in the game which I like, maybe have the option to try more monster types out, maybe after u defeat wild 1's? or purchase new 1's in a market?