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Play Ayumilove Idle Story Ayumilove Idle Story Mar. 28, 2014
If the game screen is blank white, try refreshing the page and wait at least 20 seconds. Sometimes it appears fast, sometimes slow.
Play Ayumilove Idle Story Ayumilove Idle Story Mar. 27, 2014
@all: Just to note, some monsters (higher level ones) do not drop item because I have not listed the items to be dropped by those monsters. So that isn't a bug :D I'll be adding them later, probably evening or weekend.
Play Ayumilove Idle Story Ayumilove Idle Story Mar. 26, 2014
Yeah, sorry for the bugs, will be fixing them. Currently found out one of the bugs was due to Kongregate server using the old files that I have uploaded. Waiting for their reply. I have posted a topic on the forum, should any would like to discuss: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/1-kongregate/topics/390664-how-to-delete-overwrite-additional-files-uploaded-along-with-the-game
Play Ayumilove Idle Story Ayumilove Idle Story Mar. 19, 2014
Currently working on the monster loot database, it will take some time since there are over 30 monsters.
Play Ayumilove Idle Story Ayumilove Idle Story Mar. 18, 2014
V4 - Weapon Rank Upgrade does not fail, but cost more as high rank is achieved for better stats. Added tooltip (hover on player and monster for stats, hover on the upgrade buttons for the pixel cost). Added a player avatar to view your new weapon purchases. V5 will be focusing on buying/selling items looted from monsters.
Play Ayumilove Idle Story Ayumilove Idle Story Mar. 11, 2014
Added the Revision 1 game that focuses on adding new upgrade system for weapon and some rank bonus stats. Pixel reward is now based on monster level instead of 1 pixel.
Play Battle without End Battle without End Feb. 19, 2013
Actually you do not need to be age 20 to reborn, level 20 to be exact.
Play Band Of Heroes Band Of Heroes Feb. 13, 2013
Spelling mistake with one of the skills: Overdive -> Overdrive?
Developer response from IriySoft


Play Band Of Heroes Band Of Heroes Feb. 13, 2013
Spelling mistake with one of the skills: Anasthesia -> Anesthesia
Play Wild Heroes Wild Heroes Feb. 11, 2013
[PART3] The game can further improve by allowing users to pre-select towers or spells if there are more than 8. Give more variety to it. Let's say attack/range/speed boost for all towers for 3,4,5 sec (level 1-2-3). In the mission page, it seems that its selecting the easy and medium difficulty. I have to set it to easy (play casually). You could implement 3 types of star (bronze/silver/gold for 3 different difficulty similarly to demons vs fairyland). The game needs more indepth strategy. All mission can win easily with mass turtle, few penguin and dragon/salamander.
Play Wild Heroes Wild Heroes Feb. 11, 2013
[PART2] For the skill upgrades, after adding points, user could just assume its done (no need for yes/no confirmation - kinda of a hassle) since we already have the undo button there. There are times when i add upgrades, i just press back to return to the mission just to find out my upgrades were not save. Next is the spell cast, allow user to cast a different spell why the first spell is shooting on enemy. No need for the drag bar. Just select spell and click on monster for single target or aoe for instant effect.
Play Wild Heroes Wild Heroes Feb. 11, 2013
[PART1] The game is kinda imbalance in terms of the tower upgrades vs stats. A non-ugpraded tower (Dragon)_ can't do at least 5% damage to a monster, but when at max level, it does 20-33% damage. The damage difference is a lot. Turtle tower is the best against mob on all levels of the game, dragon is best for single boss attack. Salamander is great for setting monsters ablaze (1 will be sufficient), penguin freezes boss (1 will be sufficient), 1 dragon for boss attack, the rest are turtles. then the remaining far reach areas use cat (longest range attack). just upgrade 1 at a time otherwise it would be useless.
Play Wild Heroes Wild Heroes Feb. 08, 2013
When the boss is frozen by the penguin, the boss becomes unkillable and the boss can't move at all. Have to restart the game.
Play Demons vs Fairyland Demons vs Fairyland Feb. 06, 2013
For those who are having issues on getting 3 Diamond Stars (Very Hard Mode), watch the video guide at http://ayumilove.net/demons-vs-fairyland-walkthrough/
Play Ultimate Assassin 3 Ultimate Assassin 3 Oct. 13, 2012
Why my assassin can't sneak behind the guard and knock him out, takes his cloth and disguise as a security officer? That would make sneaking to the target easier. Also, would be nice to pull the dead victim to another secluded area. Assassin don't need to splatter so much blood from that.
Play Bloons TD 5 Bloons TD 5 Sep. 08, 2012
Apocalypse is so much easier once you get the hang of it. Works on all maps. Build in sequence : 1) 3 Dart Towers (2/3), 1 Boomerang Tower (2/4), 1 Tart Tower (4/2), 1 Glue Tower (4/2), 1 Banana Farm (2/2), 6 Bomb Tower (2/3), 1 Super Monkey (4/2), 6 Banana Farm (4/2), and finally 4 super monkeys containing 4 Bomb Tower (2/4) + 1 Glue Tower (4/2)
Play Planet Juicer Planet Juicer Aug. 11, 2012
Planet Juicer Video Guide for Level 1,2 and 3 http://ayumilove.net/planet-juicer-walkthrough-guide/ This is how you beat the game without replaying ANY levels (making the 3rd planet similarly to EXTREME/HARD mode with low funds and technology)
Developer response from yellowbouncyball

Great job! Thanks for doing those. You have skills :)

Authentication Jun. 04, 2012
@IvyWoang, Of course they should be considered, depending on what game you are trying to make. But the thing, if you force players to have an account on Kongregate just to play the game, it will be no fun. Having to register and so forth. Giving them option to play as Anonymous. You can reward them with extra features for having them logging in their Kongregate accounts, like how most Kongregate games done so far.
Play Were you a Nineties Gamer? Were you a Nineties Gamer? May. 11, 2012
"Were you a Nineties Gamer? Answer List":http://ayumilove.net/were-you-a-nineties-gamer-walkthrough-guide/ (Plus these to let others know) http://ayumilove.net/were-you-a-nineties-gamer-walkthrough-guide/
Play The Last Shelter The Last Shelter Apr. 21, 2012
For those who are stuck in a particular mission such as Mission 10, check the video walkthrough at http://ayumilove.net/the-last-shelter-walkthrough-guide/