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Play Undermountain RTS (second edition) Undermountain RTS (second edition) May. 29, 2015
would be 5/5 if people could be controlled anyhow.... 2/5 without that
Play Tap Tap Infinity Tap Tap Infinity Feb. 24, 2015
...and where's the mute button(s)?
Developer response from ScaryBee

There's a volume slider for music and sfx in the settings tab of the menu (the button top left)!

Play NoNoSparks: The Ark NoNoSparks: The Ark Nov. 29, 2014
Observe your hints on the bottom and on the right of the board. They grey out only when you mark correct black and empty squares, even if you have more than one logic option. That makes this game trivial
Play Astrox Astrox Apr. 05, 2014
also, my proposals: 1. make us able to choose a list of targets when auto targeting is enabled. I.e. choosing only Dynex asteroids to be collected (maybe shift+click or ctrl+click on the tatget list?) 2. make us able to view out ship statistics like they are displayed in "ship overview" in the shipyard. This way we can compare shipyard ships with our own and decide which we prefer, and buy a new or stay with the old.
Developer response from momoguru

SHIFT CLICK to add, remove items from target list

Play Astrox Astrox Apr. 05, 2014
bug: when I open a list of asteroids, and enable auto targeting, it doesn't work - it simply switches off after finishing the first asteroid. question: how can I order the asteroids/pirate ships by distance? I can't find that option...
Play simian.interface simian.interface Aug. 18, 2013
An easy way to pass this game: the whole point is to find a spot on the screen where shapes are in a proper place. So...Get your mouse cursor to the upper-left corner and travel from left to right and from top to bottom as if you would write the text line by line. This way you will find that spot. You can even not paying attention to the squares and shapes :)
Play Fixation Fixation May. 01, 2012
that's REALLY a good music...
Play Fracuum Fracuum May. 01, 2012
A tip for those frustrated by walking in the same rooms without any advance: this maze has only one wall. Stick to one wall, and walk along it all time. You will surely manage to end the game and probably visit all rooms.
Play Tripod Attack Tripod Attack Apr. 14, 2012
good sounds and music :)
Play Tentacle Wars. The Purple Menace Tentacle Wars. The Purple Menace Apr. 12, 2012
and where are the shared levels gone?
Play B29 Assault B29 Assault Nov. 19, 2011
Suddenly after beating three stages I got the badge. Haha! I thought that getting back through the level does not count as a new stage :)
Play XenoSquad XenoSquad Oct. 29, 2011
Feels like good old Incubation :]
Play Accelerator Accelerator Oct. 23, 2011
You need a story for this game, seriously... 5/5 :)
Play Escape the room simulator Escape the room simulator Jul. 14, 2011
5/5 for out-of-box thinking :)
Play Humbug Humbug Jul. 14, 2011
lmao!! You have game concepts as part of game... so it's a metagame :) I wouldn't be surprised if my character would jump out of my screen and steal my real cake.. Brilliant masterpiece :)
Play Sieger Sieger Jul. 02, 2011
Nice menu music actually
Play Doodle God 2 Doodle God 2 May. 12, 2011
Apple + computer = Apple computer? :)
Play Transylvania Transylvania May. 01, 2011
Fog generator (!!) - must be Russians!
Play Inquisitive Dave Inquisitive Dave Feb. 19, 2011
Very nice game... I wouldn't mind a second part :D
Play Doodle Devil Doodle Devil Nov. 23, 2010
Excellent music, 5/5 for it even if the game would be bored but it's not :)