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Play The Necronomicon The Necronomicon Dec. 05, 2014
Challenge 7's card selection seems bugged. I've played through it more than 20 times easily and rarely get damage cards, whereas the npc appears to have tons of them. I have already beat Challenge 15, and I think I was less frustrated with that (although it did take many more tries...)
Play CS Portable CS Portable Sep. 05, 2014
Fun to play when im bored
Play 3D Logic 3D Logic Oct. 24, 2012
Needs a mute
Play The Grinns Tale The Grinns Tale Sep. 25, 2012
This game is highly addicting, has a superb musical arrangement, and top notch graphics (tip my hat to those who worked on the art throughout the game). However there is something I want to draw attention to that becomes more apparent as you progress to higher tier equipment and upgraded buildings. That is, the unbalanced resource economy. A great example is the bakery. Once you start producing loaves and up, the resource cost to feed your heroes is/almost is greater than the resources gained from farming mobs (exploring). There are obvious ways around this through job changing, but the cost does not seem proportional to the item. That is only one example, however I doubt it is necessary to elaborate further. I just want to throw this out there in hopes the Developer may read it. Thanks again for the wonderful game.
Play The Grinns Tale The Grinns Tale Sep. 25, 2012
This game is a work of art! However, rubies are a pain to obtain.
Play Enough Plumbers Enough Plumbers Aug. 20, 2011
lol pokemon music
Play Coma Coma Aug. 06, 2011
apparently it's because i'm playing it while using google chrome. I tried it on IE 9 and Firefox and it worked fine. Anyone know if the game just isn't compatible with google chrome? I would think it is something else but I haven't figured it out yet.\
Play Coma Coma Aug. 06, 2011
anyone else having "control" problems at the start of the game? Unable to move or jump.
Play WPN Fire WPN Fire Nov. 15, 2009
starts running in oen direction and gets stuck, controls are bugged for me
Play Frontier Frontier Nov. 12, 2009
I don't know where to check, but what does the trade skill do? decrease the price of items and increase the sell back price? (just guessing idk) Could anyone help me out?
Play Medieval Rampage 2 Medieval Rampage 2 Nov. 08, 2009
i have same WASD / Arrow key bug as slyenemy (and i'm assuming loads of other people), anyway we can have this problem fixed? I mean this could be a great game, but i guess i won't know until the bug is addressed.
Play Take Something Literally Take Something Literally Oct. 07, 2009
fun easy game, but why such a high rating? it doesn't last long enough to earn a 4.46 avg rating to be honest
Play Learn to Fly Learn to Fly May. 27, 2009
does anyone know what i can do to fix/avoid this problem?
Play Learn to Fly Learn to Fly May. 27, 2009
and now it will not let me control the screen at all, once the penguin leaves the ramp, the point where I should be able to control it, the rockets go off and it does not move up or down.. no matter what
Play Learn to Fly Learn to Fly May. 27, 2009
-- half the time the rocket goes ****** off randomly, before *** i *
Play Learn to Fly Learn to Fly May. 27, 2009
only problem with this game is right after the penguin leaves the ramp, half the time the rockets go off randomly, beforei press space button, and the tendency for the penguin to automatically go up, even when i'm holding the right arrow key it will not go down, and if i do not press anything it is as if i am holding the left arrow key and it is not the keys at the source of the problem, otherwise it would affect multiple games and computer usage (such as typing this message) anyone else have this problem
Play Warbears Warbears Apr. 24, 2009
terrible game. 1 star, wish there was lower
Play The Great Siege The Great Siege Apr. 17, 2009
why does the catipult randomly autfire, this game has potential but there is so many bugs, not worth it
Play The Great Siege The Great Siege Apr. 17, 2009
My catapult is randomly autofiring, and sometimes doesn't respond to the arrowkeys... anyone know why ?