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Play Flash's Bounty Flash's Bounty Nov. 05, 2014
Money is definitly an issue later in the game. how about gold mines to capture so we can increase salary? replaying doesnt work for gold anymore it seems to me.
Play Thrones of Fantasy Thrones of Fantasy Jun. 19, 2014
there needs to be a button to craft all wood/leather/copper/iron/steel/callistie in 1 click. having to click 1000 times cause u idled for awhile is really annoying
Play Champions Of Chaos 2 Champions Of Chaos 2 Mar. 12, 2014
u dodge but u get stunned. thats soooo f***** stupid
Developer response from EpicLLama

Well you dodged the physical damage, however the spell imbued in the weapon is a magic so technically is like the "wind of the swing of the sword" stun you... why? coz magic!! ;D

Play Sentry Knight Sentry Knight Jan. 17, 2014
a timer on last boss would be helpful. done it quite a few times for last star but never seem to get below 5 minutes... awesome game. just wish it was longer. tip for new spell list = lightning, acid, wind.
Developer response from JWolfGames

The Demon Tree was originally going to be a poison/acidic elemental based tree but we changed plans while developing the game. I'm going to be tossing in a timer on the final boss as well, as it's been requested a few times now! Thanks for the comments! Glad you enjoyed the game. :)

Play Color Link-a-Pix Light Vol 1 Color Link-a-Pix Light Vol 1 Oct. 18, 2012
solved all the puzzles and the achievement doesnt update:(
Play Monster Saga Monster Saga Oct. 10, 2012
anyone trained a monster over 1800 hp? can't seem to hit that magical limit for the last solo quest