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Play 'Til Cows Tear Us Apart 'Til Cows Tear Us Apart Jun. 14, 2015
Infinite reading in a near-illegible font. No, thanks.
Play Earn to Die 2: Exodus Earn to Die 2: Exodus Jun. 14, 2015
I congratulate the zombies on their very clear diction. "Brrrrains."
Play StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns May. 11, 2015
The ten-second reload time makes the sniper cannon the most boring weapon in the history of video games.
Play Frozen Islands Frozen Islands May. 02, 2015
I have it when game designers think that I either want to listen to their choice of music or sit in silence. Games just don't feel right with no sound effects but looped music quickly becomes tedious.
Play Sushi Catapult Sushi Catapult May. 02, 2015
If this game were food, it would be a tasty snack. It's enjoyable and fun but there's not much to it and it doesn't last very long. I was hoping for something a bit bigger, a bit more satisfying and a bit more original.
Play Splitter Pals Splitter Pals May. 02, 2015
Nice game but I'm not impressed with the level design. I'm regularly finding myself completing the levels with all three stars but with many fewer cuts than the target (e.g., lv32 with 4 cuts spare). Either the targets are too generous or the person who set them isn't actually very good at the game.
Play Forbidden Arms Forbidden Arms Apr. 30, 2015
What's with video game developers who think we want to read a whole novel before playing their game?
Play Decision 3 Decision 3 Apr. 19, 2015
This game really needs a brightness control. I appreciate that having the visuals dark enhances the mood of the game but it's too dark for me. My laptop screen is at full brightness and I'm sitting indoors on a cloudy day but I'm still getting eyestrain from having to stare at the graphics so hard to see anything. Aside from that, the game is great. But it literally gives me a headache.
Play Experimental Shooter Experimental Shooter Apr. 15, 2015
That was a fun game that turned into an **** YOU!!! with the last level.
Play Raze 3 Raze 3 Feb. 18, 2015
Buh? You can upgrade your shotgun ammo to "corrosive tip". Shotguns are called shotguns because they're guns that fire shot. Shot is little balls. It doesn't *have* a tip.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Feb. 03, 2015
I hate it when games give you the choice of listening to their annoying music or playing in total silence. Neither is acceptable.
Play Another Cave Runner Another Cave Runner Jan. 26, 2015
I really don't understand why, when 80% of the population is right-handed, somebody would choose non-configurable controls that sit under the left hand. Why?
Play The Gate The Gate Jan. 04, 2015
Well, *that's* a great start. "Use a maximum of 10 alphanumeric characters (a-Z 0-0)" says the game. Er, for what? Some kind of prompt would be nice telling me what those characters are supposed to represent. I hope it's asking me for my name...
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Indeed they are !!

Play The King of Towers The King of Towers Dec. 22, 2014
Wow, this is terrible. A total rip-off of Kingdom Rush, but done much, much worse. And they seem to have forgotten most of the sound effects. Turn off the tedious music and the game happens in almost total silence.
Play Inferno Legend Inferno Legend Dec. 19, 2014
Total, total garbage. 43 minutes of "click exactly where I tell you to and nowhere else" to get a badge. That's not even a game. It's just a bad movie with clicking.
Play Inferno Legend Inferno Legend Dec. 19, 2014
The first thing you do in this game is click a button marked "Play now". OK, fine. The second thing that happens is that you're presented with a menu of four options, none of which makes any sense at all and none of which is explained. That's not a good sign. Also, that second screen contains text obliterated by other text in two different places. Did nobody do any QA at all on this?
Play FPA: World 1 Remix FPA: World 1 Remix Nov. 15, 2014
There's a lot to like about this game but sooo much to dislike. 1) Imprecise controls with far too much inertia. 2) Too many SURPRISE!!!! enemies that you can't avoid. 3) Too many times when one mis-step means you have to run through half the level again. 4) The combination of 1 and 3 is worth a point all of its own. 5) Confusing controls (in one scheme, "open door" is on the same hand as "move" but "jump" isn't; in the other, "slide" when you're at a door opens the door). 6) Poor level design. 6.1) Sometimes, you have to drop off the bottom of the screen to progress but sometimes dropping off the screen kills you. 6.2) Far too many cases of "Uh, where do I go next? Haven't I been everywhere already?" 6.3) No clear way of knowing what parts of the level are side-quests and what parts are essential to continue. 6.4) No sense of progress. 7) That ***ing pencil.
Play Run 3 Run 3 Nov. 15, 2014
Shame there are no sound effects. I happen not to like the music but playing any game except chess in silence is dull, dull, dull.
Play Barons Gate 2 Barons Gate 2 Nov. 15, 2014
First thought: a mute button for the music. Niiiiice. Second thought: OK, how do I begin. Hmm. Three buttons. One of them has a big arrow on it so I suppose I have to click that one. What on earth does "S+AR+" mean? SAR is search and rescue but... Ohhhh. The plusses are supposed to be T's. What a horrible, horrible font. Please tell me I'm not going to have to read a lo+ of +ex+ in +ha+!
Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Nov. 11, 2014
Meh. This lost my interest right at the start. I realise I'm supposed to be figuring things out and it's OK that I have to figure out what the password is. But the existence of a "password" command that just tells you the password is so completely illogical and unrealistic that I'm not prepared to go any further. If you're going to pull tricks like that, how do I know that the answer to some later puzzle isn't going to be something equally ludicrous, like asking a question to the stapler on my desk, which randomly turns out to be a magical, talking stapler?