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Play Battle without End Battle without End Feb. 25, 2013
I also went back to the first map and picked up a fox and a rat in about 5 minutes. Wish I could compare the two pets side by side like I do equipment.
Play Battle without End Battle without End Feb. 25, 2013
On Ghost Hill there is a Bard Skeleton THE REGION BOSS for those of you looking for a boss.
Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Jan. 05, 2012
Great game. Got all of the achievements except for Heroic Defender & Iron Defender. That could take awhile......
Play Wild Defense Web2.0 Wild Defense Web2.0 Dec. 07, 2011
On level 29 I didn't use the giants, just kept the fishermen. Since I didn't use giants, I didn't need the tambourine girl. I did take in boxes so that the tamer could reduce the enemies' armor right before my fishermen. I also took in frogs & bats.
Play Wild Defense Web2.0 Wild Defense Web2.0 Dec. 07, 2011
The tambourine girl boosts the other fighters' speed & power as well as keeping them awake. I think the upgrade makes it a bigger boost.
Play Wild Defense Web2.0 Wild Defense Web2.0 Nov. 30, 2011
I'm up to level 21 and am still waiting for Level 3 weapons. When do they show up?
Play Orbical Orbical Oct. 20, 2011
I fixed the sensitivity (Thanks!) so now I can play even longer. Now I just wish there was a save or something. It takes me about an hour or so to play one game.
Developer response from Southgrove

Awesome! Yea, I'm going to add a save thing later on and possibly try to make game sessions more compact. More fun in less time if you get what i mean. ;)

Play Orbical Orbical Oct. 19, 2011
I use the arrow keys to move the pieces and sometimes it is too touchy. I have trouble moving the piece just one click. The game also seems to reward you if you go slow since you don't get as many points & won't level up as quickly. Then you have more time to get rid of the danger pieces. Over all, it's a great game and I can easily play it for a LONG time.
Developer response from Southgrove

You can chance the sensitivity in the options, and try the WASD keys too. =) Yea you'll live longer if you go slow, but you won't get as many points and as high a level.. which means you won't get on the lists! *gasp* But yea, you've got it right. Play slow and plan your moves and you'll get further. That's the point I'm trying to get across with the game design really. =) You can read more here if you like: Oh, and thanks for the comment! =)

Play Qbox Qbox Sep. 30, 2011
I enjoyed the game a lot, but I thought that they should be able to keep an entire word together on a line. I just found that part annoying. Otherwise, a wonderful game to get me thinking.
Play Little Cave Hero Little Cave Hero Sep. 02, 2011
Ugh! Twice I removed a stone by water and my hero moved too slow to get out of the way. Unfortunately, I was full up on energy and it cost me the A+. Not sure if it's my computer or the game, but it seems my hero does not want to move at times.
Play Sym-a-Pix Light Vol 1 Sym-a-Pix Light Vol 1 Aug. 12, 2011
I think I was assuming the L shape was symmetrical (not so much), so there does seem to only be one unique answer for each puzzle. The check box is still pretty nice, though.
Play Sym-a-Pix Light Vol 1 Sym-a-Pix Light Vol 1 Aug. 11, 2011
After I figured out the concept, it was a lot of fun. There are multiple solutions for a few of them, so I am really glad that there is the check box.
Play King's Guard King's Guard Mar. 04, 2011
I know I've purchased over 100 items but still didn't get that game achievement. Is there a trick I'm missing?
Play King's Guard King's Guard Feb. 24, 2011
I have finished the game and am trying to get the last couple of achievements. Getting the guard tiles to level V seems impossible. Has anyone been able to get this achievement?