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Turkey Master,Pirate King, King of Trolls, and Boxian Pope Benodoc CCCLXIX. ಠ‿ಠ

Kanade_Tachibana: http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-pope-resign-20130212,0,4492188.story
benodoc: it’s just hard to sneak little boys into the sistine chapel
benodoc: so I gotta have a front man
benodoc: you know?

Serenity_Levi: …Yes, this is the only room [ICB] I’ve ever seen go from talking about planting locusts in a man’s penis, to the mechanics and intricacies of cub-atomic quark preservation via magnetic field.

babygirl15: i will not tell u all i will tell u is it was almost rape on the computer

Ethan1Waber2: So a man walks into a bar, right?

Ethan1Waber2: Ouch.

Ethan1Waber2: So this guy walks into a bar.

Ethan1Waber2: He’s an alcoholic and he’s destroying his life and his family’s happiness.
Mostly_Harmless: my ass has padding, but my girls wont be contained :P
jasonsly666: suck my dick
vinzogonzo: how about no jason
jasonsly666: how about yes lol
vinzogonzo: just so you know it would be a bit weird as my brother is called jason
vinzogonzo: and much as i LOVE incest, it would be a bit awkward if his girlriend walked in
natzor: hi beno
natzor: do you watch game of thrones
natzor: there’s a character in it tht loojks like you
natzor: and he’s a badass
benodoc: I’m an albino black male
benodoc: all the pros none of the cons
chichimom79: just stop now guys ;)
benodoc: I know what that wink was for mom ;)
chichimom79: oh ya?
benodoc: ya rlly
chichimom79: it meant i have my silence stick at the ready
benodoc: I said I knew, so you didn’t need to explain it ;)
chichimom79: oh ya
chichimom79: lol
Watch out we have an internet badass in the box!
[11:46 PM] MisouAngel: What none of them know is that my best friend is a Marine and I’ve been learning and training with him.
sianna1995: beno!!!!!!!!!
Flying_Dinosaur: Bneo
Flying_Dinosaur: bneo
brine00: bneo
brine00: !!!
ChaosJon: beno, you got a bunch o’ teens screaming yo name ;o
Flying_Dinosaur: suck my dickbeno
MisouAngel: And one of them is horny.

[04:00 AM] MidnightPhoenix: 3 guys died protecting their girlfriends in the aurora shooting

[04:00 AM] MidnightPhoenix: no wonder chivalry is dead

[10:34 PM] benodoc: I was reading something interesting mostly

[10:35 PM] benodoc: I decided to finish harry potter you see

[10:35 PM] Mostly_Harmless: yes, yes

[10:35 PM] IrradiantX: overrated

[10:35 PM] IrradiantX: But still, not bad

[10:35 PM] benodoc: Something rather interesting came up

[10:36 PM] Mostly_Harmless: yes, what?

[10:37 PM] benodoc: ""You will be polishing the silver in the trophy room with Mr. Filch," said professor Mcbitchagall. “And no magic Weasley – elbow grease”
[10:37 PM] benodoc: apparently Hogwarts covers all of its trophies in elbow grease :v
[10:40 PM] Mostly_Harmless: i totally fell for it, thinking we were gonna talk about horcrux and deathly hallows

ratslayer94: Oh, I love Breaking Benjamin! It’s a great band. “I will not bow” and “Diary of Jane” are my favourite 2 songs.
natzor: that band is so 2003

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