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Play Cargo Shipment: San Francisco Cargo Shipment: San Francisco Apr. 06, 2014
I just noticed a bug. On area's where you can pay to clean a cell to open a new path. It says it only costs $100, but it actually takes $1000. Please fix that
Play Gladiator - True Story Gladiator - True Story Mar. 05, 2014
The game is good for what it is, which is a "High Score" game. I give it a 3/5... With that said, I was disappointed. I was hoping it would be an action adventure type of game, where you can buy better armor, have a level up system, a story, etc...
Play Once Upon A Life Once Upon A Life Feb. 22, 2014
The level called, "PIRATES!" isn't working right. My cannonballs and the enemy's cannonballs appear below us. Neither of us can hit the other. I tried refrehing, but its still the same. Please fix it
Play That's My Moon 2: Phantom Menace That's My Moon 2: Phantom Menace Feb. 14, 2014
There's a bug with the "Homing Missiles". During a level the missiles will stop and damage me instead of going forward at the enemies. Fix it
Play Trollface Quest 4: Winter Olympics Trollface Quest 4: Winter Olympics Jan. 30, 2014
My only complaint--- If you mess up, the level should restart automatically instead of having to push the restart button.
Play Pocket Ninja Pocket Ninja Nov. 16, 2013
Too easy. You can beat every level with just the little ninjas. There's no need for combining them. With that said, its an ok game. 2 out of 5
Play Diggy Diggy Nov. 04, 2013
Instead of having to resurface to charge your battery. You should have a 2nd battery of equal power or at least a teleporter so you don't have to backtrack every time
Play My Irrational Fear of Unicorns My Irrational Fear of Unicorns Nov. 03, 2013
What the hell? Where is the game? All I see is a dumb blog
Play Moo RPG Moo RPG Nov. 03, 2013
BEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY--- only upgrade mining
Play Ninja Miner 2 Ninja Miner 2 Oct. 29, 2013
I like these Ninja games, but you need to add the ZOOM OUT button
Play Gardenscapes 2 Gardenscapes 2 Oct. 03, 2013
Don't waste your time people. Its just a damn DEMO. 1 out of 5
Play Sheep Happens Sheep Happens Oct. 02, 2013
LIKES-- Animation, art style, and humor. DISLIKES-- Stuff is way too expensive, and the upgrades aren't very good. My score is: 2 out of 5
Play Bloons Super Monkey 2 Bloons Super Monkey 2 Sep. 16, 2013
Lower the damn cost of upgrades, by at least half. I'd like to play the game more, but its take way too long to make money
Play Cursed Treasure 2 Cursed Treasure 2 Sep. 13, 2013
God damn I hate the AMAZON's. Their love spell happens too often and lasts too long. Can you fix them so they're not so annoying
Play Lime Rick Lime Rick Sep. 02, 2013
Can someone post a walkthrough on YouTube
Play Journalière Journalière Aug. 28, 2013
I liked the art style, but the game is too boring. No sound effects or music. The main thing that bugs me is the long driving distance between each of the areas. Would of been more tolerable if the distance's weren't as long or your car moved faster. My overall score for the game is 1 out of 5
Play Red Extinction Red Extinction Aug. 23, 2013
When I sell a weapon, I'm not getting the selling price. For example, I sold a weapon which had a selling price of 9700, but only got about 7000 for it. You need to fix this because, I'm getting screwed out of money
Play The Golem The Golem Aug. 13, 2013
It was ok, but the puzzles were way too easy
Play World's End Chapter 1 World's End Chapter 1 Jul. 19, 2013
Its ok. Animation, dialogue, and story are all fine. My main complaints are that the game is unbalanced and, you get not enough money or EXP from the battles. If these were fixed I'd give it a score of 4/5, but as for now I'm only giving it a score of 2/5
Play Ripple Dot Zero Ripple Dot Zero Jul. 12, 2013
My only complaint with the game, is that if you fail on the "bonus level" you must first redo the normal level before you can try the bonus. Its annoying that way. It would be nice if the bonus levels became unlocked after each level.