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Play You Find Yourself In A Room You Find Yourself In A Room Nov. 06, 2014
Play Step Seq. Step Seq. May. 29, 2013
This game is really awesome, but after a while the game started to make radio static noise when the notes were played... But when I loaded someone else's music, it stopped the static noise, then started again. I didn't find or hear any other bugs than that. And as eliljey had in his comment, you shouldn't be limited in pages... Work on this more and it will be a amazing music game. 4/5 and favorite.
Play Genesis of Pixel Genesis of Pixel May. 22, 2013
Beautiful game, music was very, VERY awesome. It is very easy to get to around the 20 place and higher in the all-time high scores, if you know what you are doing anyways.. Other than that gameplay is great and I give this a 5/5 and favorite, your other games are awesome and enjoyable like this one, hope to see great games like this in the future!
Play The Black Forest: Episode 4 The Black Forest: Episode 4 May. 08, 2013
I am so glad i found this game. It's just beautiful in every way, the music when the pink cube collides with you cannot be described its so awesome! This game is deserving a 5/5 from about every person who plays this. I don't know how any person would hate this game. If any of your other games are like this or you are making a game this neat, i will not hesitate to play it! GREAT job on this game!! Favorited too! :)
Play Falling Elephants Falling Elephants May. 03, 2013
These types of games i really like alot, simple controls, awesome music (the music in this game is so awesome!), nice design, and everything else about this game is complete awesomeness. 5/5 and favorite from me :)
Play Minamolc TechDemo Sandbox Minamolc TechDemo Sandbox Apr. 30, 2013
I think this game has good potential and I can't wait to see what it could become in the future! I think the multiple worlds you can use is nice too, however the respawning on the snow and flat worlds are weird, the snow world when pressing respawn teleports you OFF the map. The flat world when respawning teleports you near the edge of the map. For now you get a 4/5 and favorite from me. But some more effort and this game would look really nice! Keep up the good work on this game! :)
Play DuckLife3: Evolution DuckLife3: Evolution Apr. 21, 2013
Tip: when you are in the professional league during the swimming training you DONT have to use the up arrow, you can actually use any key to go up.
Play Small Block Theory Small Block Theory Sep. 29, 2012
Great game! 4/5. Could use a fast forward button for the auto pass plus some new tiles, a level editor would be cool too. Otherwise good job on this game! I loved the auto pass option too, comes in handy when you are just wanting to see what the world select menu would look like, my favorite part was the world select background when after a world was done it would make the background better. This is on my favorites and once again, great game. :)
Developer response from FortunesVault

Thank you biomess101. I'm glad you like the game. Autopass now runs twice as fast! For some extra little mini-games/toys click on the icon that appears above the world after the world is complete.

Play Submachine: 32 chambers Submachine: 32 chambers Sep. 29, 2012
@ChristianoJames you have to turn the jadite wheel first, then the topaz wheel, then the seasons wheel, THEN you can turn the face. (you need all topaz,jadite, and season plates to do so)Also, when you hear a "snap" the wheel is locked, so you can go to the next wheel.
Play Red Storm 2: Survival Red Storm 2: Survival Sep. 17, 2012
This game is extremly good of what i've seen so far, however the premium did have one little odd thing, in one of the shops, the ultimate pack was only 7 kreds, but the rest were 72, rest to me was just fine, i give this a 4/5 for premium items but still got my favorite.
Play Island Escape demo Island Escape demo Aug. 26, 2012
@JohnArmy What part isnt working? If its the loading screen just wait, cause you may have a slow computer if it takes awhile, but anything else, you might have to ask someone else...
Play Island Escape demo Island Escape demo Aug. 26, 2012
There is a more updated game of Island Escape here!:
Wow, this game, is plain amazing. But is easy to finish, i did it in one sitting. Otherwise, awesome game. Fav and 5/5
Play Island Escape demo Island Escape demo Jul. 21, 2012
@Virus1234 the sword is near the village, to get it, go to the turret at the village, then look across the plainlands at day, but dont move away from the turret, if it aims to shoot you but its trying to kill something else move out of its path, then keep looking, if u cant find it, then turn and look somewhere else until u find a small rock with something in it, walk over there and theres the sword, hope it helped
Play Elephant Quest Elephant Quest Jun. 26, 2012
this game is plain AMAZING...i dod find a weird glitch if u have full jump height and speed that if u go into the ruins and run and jump at the correct timing into a corner...u get into the block and unable to come out. otherwise great game, this deserves a 5/5 :)
Play Portalizer Portalizer Jun. 26, 2012
i love this game, i also love the fact that lasers dont kill you...the all levels unlocked update was a great idea to me...this game deserves a 5/5. the time slowdown feature helped me on lvl 4 at the last impressed about this game and hope any of ur future games will be as good as this :)
Play Island Escape demo Island Escape demo Jun. 23, 2012
i think this game is pretty fun, the sniper is a great weapon that i use most of the time by 1-hit kills, overall i give this game a 5/5 and fav :)