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Play Overlod Overlod Nov. 27, 2014
I feel the bosses needs extending. Why can't we buy more?
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Nov. 23, 2014
need to be able to gain gems when you close the game. as an upgrade?
Play Overlod Overlod Nov. 21, 2014
campaign should reset alongside the game.
Play Overlod Overlod Nov. 17, 2014
using troops on the campaign should gain experience for that troop type creating XP to be spent on speed and loot stats for that troop.
Play Overlod Overlod Nov. 16, 2014
now that we can have auto rehire on the campaign page, I feel it would be good to have 50 and 500 options added in the bottom left panel.
Play Overlod Overlod Nov. 01, 2014
ok. i've said it before and I'm gonna say it again. Alter the demon upgrades on the library tab. If the upgrades are half the gain that the wizard upgrades give, then the demons are reduced to less than the wizards. After 4 library tab upgrades for each, the same number of bosses and minions gives demons half(!!) the GPs of wizards!! similar problems arise from comparing other upgrades on the library tab too.
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Oct. 26, 2014
coming back months later and i still am prety much in the same place. switch up a few hellstone and close the tab for another 4 months.
Play Rat Clicker Rat Clicker Oct. 24, 2014
my prestige doesn't seem to be stacking. I've had the five necklaces. got my next one and nothing added on. :@
Play Rat Clicker Rat Clicker Oct. 24, 2014
I feel that the recipe for changing HP to MP should be altered. I have to collect Blue items to use it, so it kind of makes the new drop selection redundant. Can we have *any tier* of 2 gloves and a staff work for the transfer? At least then we'd only have to collect yellow.
Play Idle Food Factory Idle Food Factory Oct. 21, 2014
having a page 1,2,3 for the panels is always better than scrolling. Scrolling may be nice for mobile users, but everyone can do a tap through pages. Or the massive space in the middle could be used to reduce the need to scroll at all!! Other than that, a nice game I'd give 4 star.
Play Rat Clicker Rat Clicker Oct. 21, 2014
is the player level the highest possible stat for a found blue item?
Developer response from arispen

yup (in case of helmet it's lvl/2)

Play Rat Clicker Rat Clicker Oct. 20, 2014
i think i found a glitch. I got three talismans, reset with 104 prestige. When i got another talisman, I got no new prestige! Do i need to have had all four for a reset to allow prestige accrual?
Play Rat Clicker Rat Clicker Oct. 20, 2014
"you've created the ancient talisman of Marvin Henning" (Talisman of endurance). Is this supposed to be a familiar name?
Play Rat Clicker Rat Clicker Oct. 14, 2014
there should be a set of tick boxes for what the trash button should delete. I want to only delete blue and orange items so i can craft with yellow (in the end-game where you have the necklace(s)).
Developer response from arispen

Drop selection checkboxes coming in the next patch (1.5). Check for more info.

Play Rat Clicker Rat Clicker Oct. 13, 2014
staffs and weapons should lean in opposite directions so that they are easily distinguishable. Icons for sell/equip-to-active/equip-to-transmute-panel should be standard to all items with appropriate options highlighted. The icons for these options should be smaller and take up less space of each item tab so that a glance at the field looks like items rather than loads of "sell" icons.
Developer response from arispen

Good point, UI needs some tuning

Play Overlod Overlod Oct. 08, 2014
they really need more artifacts. This game effectively ends when you buy all artifacts; there is no need to reset for more souls and upgrades are few and far between and then do very little.
Play Hook Hook Oct. 07, 2014
I'm giving 4 star. Nice concept. Intuitive. Lovely. So much potential. More levels needed where a trigger activates multiple objects so that the order matters more. Combined with timing could make some nice levels.
Play Overlod Overlod Oct. 07, 2014
i think that the multipliers are wrong for the researches. The numbers get smaller for the demons over time. Right now, my demons and wizards are the same GPS with exactly the same number of bosses and minions and researches. So basically, my wizards will end up twice as productive as my demons as the researches give twice the multiplicative bonus. That means that the highest earner is reduced heavily and brings a massive capo on the game.
Play Gravitee Wars Gravitee Wars Oct. 04, 2014
seriously need to be able to zoom out. And for the active player movement time to be started after the animations!
Play Sands of the Coliseum Sands of the Coliseum Oct. 01, 2014
this blacksmith is crap. Why can't he upgrade anything? Why can i not employ him? there is only a finite number of bars you can get and he makes crappy items. so that whole part of the game sucks. (sorry... just saying exactly what i think)