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Play Portalizer Portalizer Dec. 09, 2013
I really love the graphics of this game! it feels real!
Play Idiot Quiz Idiot Quiz Jun. 01, 2013
keep clicking the "click here to win button!!! it does work
Play Johnny Upgrade Johnny Upgrade Jun. 01, 2013
many bugs that need fixed, but good job!
Play Desktop Tower Defense Desktop Tower Defense Feb. 02, 2013
everyone who posts "if you want badges hit +" actually needs to say rate 5 stars
Play TDP4 Team Battle TDP4 Team Battle Feb. 02, 2013
I wish the popgun was never invented?
Play BK's Dash BK's Dash Aug. 03, 2012
lol my initials are bk
Play Warzone tower defense Warzone tower defense Aug. 03, 2012
best game ever rated 5 stars
Play Happy Wheels Happy Wheels Jun. 15, 2012
i like how every time i kill the kid on irresponsible dad the dad is like D***
Play Happy Wheels Happy Wheels Jun. 15, 2012
this game was the first game i ever played on kongregate thanks total jerk face
Play Light People on Fire Light People on Fire Jun. 06, 2012
score 3455
Play Happy Wheels Happy Wheels Jun. 06, 2012
i love this game thanks for making it
Play Carbon Combat Carbon Combat May. 12, 2012
@zafq oh i probably missed it cause it wasnt there before sorry
Play Carbon Combat Carbon Combat May. 11, 2012
i think they should let you keep your weapon that you buy + so creator can see
Play Terra Monsters Terra Monsters May. 10, 2012
hey good game keep it up social titans . . U
Play Raze 2 Raze 2 Apr. 22, 2012
it wont let me save
Play Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 Jan. 29, 2012
dont hotwire car i warn you
Play Crazy Chicks Crazy Chicks Jan. 13, 2012
game is awesome
Play Ps3 vs Xbox 360 Ps3 vs Xbox 360 Jan. 01, 2012
xbox is way better than ps3
Play Dragon's Call Dragon's Call Dec. 30, 2011
redchain7 Dec. 19, 2011 Under rating threshold (hideshow) i order you to load...now! hmmmm doing nothing eh? ill get you if its the last thing i do! alakapoodle
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Dec. 18, 2011
i was level 77 and i got on my profile and everything was erased so freakin angry