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Play Coin Launch Coin Launch Nov. 27, 2012
This game was made within 48 hours for Childs Play Charity:
Play Digi Adventure Digi Adventure Oct. 18, 2012
visit for all the 1.3 changes. I'm also aware that the Android link within the game does not work, i'm looking into if this is just a Kongregate conflict, or something on our end, i will update with more info later.
Play Digi Adventure Digi Adventure Sep. 13, 2012
An update to the and browser versions of Digi Adventure is coming soon! Get all the details as they arrive at
Play Digi Adventure Digi Adventure May. 26, 2012
@JoeBl Not being able to use the up button to jump was something i overlooked during development but i will get it working in the next update, thank you for the feedback!