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Play Hitori Light Vol 1 Hitori Light Vol 1 Oct. 01, 2012
I think I've played a few of Conceptis' other puzzle games, but now every one I try to play doesn't load. On the loading screen, a pencil (loading bar) shows up and fills up most of the way, but on every single game, it stops ~1 cm from the end. Same spot every time. Anybody know a solution to this problem? (Private messages encouraged)
Play Clickplay 2 Clickplay 2 Sep. 06, 2012
Yea... lvl 21... I even took out a mouse cus I couldn't do it with a touch pad. And yea, the parts may stay in for different periods of time... but it's still too short. Impossible for me. 1/5 cus of that. everything else was fine
Play Escape #5: The Freezer Escape #5: The Freezer Sep. 06, 2012
1:44 @4tailfox - your face is too far away for me to bother
Play Take Something Literally 2 Take Something Literally 2 Sep. 06, 2012
As much as I wanted to play this game... I don't think I enjoy having to mess with things on my computer to play... such as creating files, uploading pictures, changing my settings.
Play Burrito Bison Burrito Bison Jun. 15, 2012
It's a really fun game, and I like all the different 'power-ups' but the upgrades cost so much... I don't really like having to do ~5+ (long) launches in between each upgrade...
Play Aliens Kidnapped Betty Aliens Kidnapped Betty Jun. 15, 2012
it was a 4/5 because of my frustration on a few levels... but then the bonus levels were awesome! 5/5
Play You Find Yourself In A Room You Find Yourself In A Room Jun. 10, 2012
it's not hard to guess a number between 1-100000... Just go 50,000, then 25,000 if it's too high, or 75,000 if it's too low, and keep making adjustments to your guess like that til you get it
Play Coinbox Hero Coinbox Hero Feb. 19, 2012
Eh, I just wish the game wouldn't slow down... my computer's not fast enough for this game with too many workers... :/
Play Proke Proke Feb. 11, 2012
prisms ends with sms... :P
Play My "Dear" Boss My "Dear" Boss Jan. 19, 2012
I feel like the protesters are hurting me more than helping me... and by hurting me... I mean not hurting the boss :P more like a safety net for him. -_-
Play The End The End Nov. 13, 2011
Ah woops.... when I went back to get the time achievement thing... I've been almost purposefully putting in the opposite answer... I thought that it was only the first answer you choose that counted... although I suppose it is a good thing you can change your answers if you wanted to. :) but other than the loading time, I overall like the game.
Play Monster Arena Monster Arena Nov. 09, 2011
light beam seems to weaken attack permanently....
Play Experimental Shooter Experimental Shooter Aug. 19, 2011
I don't understand level 7 "Pool"... the balls/circles/targets aren't disappearing when they go in the 'pockets' like even the walkthrough shows :O so I have no idea what to do -_-
Play Edmus Edmus Jul. 05, 2011
ohhhh, you've got to refresh the page in order to see other 'opponents/racers' and to think i was racing 20 other copies of myself before I tried that...
Play Edmus Edmus Jul. 05, 2011
it's so awkward when at 2am, when there's a new map where you're the only person to have played so far today, the only other 'players' are other copies of yourself who keep dying in the exact same spot that you die in... every single time...
Play Bazooki: A Silent Affair Bazooki: A Silent Affair Jun. 30, 2011
I finished it, LOVED it, then I went to options and noticed the Budget.... this is awesome!
Play Splitter Pals Splitter Pals Jun. 21, 2011
5/5 just for level 15 :D
Play Diamond Hollow Diamond Hollow Jun. 12, 2011
the controls have become really jumpy since I started, it's like the character is only listening to 3/4 of what I've been telling him to do...
Play The I of It The I of It Jun. 12, 2011
This could've been a great set-up for so many more puns! like say... "I must go on"
Play Refraction Refraction Feb. 04, 2011
I now wish I learned my fractions with this game...