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Play Diamond Hollow II Diamond Hollow II Oct. 11, 2011
Samus had a son..... And i'm not the father. I'm really upset
Play Wasted Youth, Part 1 Wasted Youth, Part 1 Jul. 18, 2011
so its basically a different version of the game Bully but very nicely done for a flash game. I was impressed because it captured everything Bully had in it but did it free of charge to me. 5/5
Play Boss Battle Boss Battle Jun. 13, 2011
This is a perfect example of how you can make a great game without amazing graphics. Simple design but amazing results from it. Love the evil laugh. I don't know how much props I can give you for this but there is a lot of fun going on in this game. Thanks for making it 5/5
Play Insectonator: Zombie mode Insectonator: Zombie mode Jun. 05, 2011
This game has a lot of tributes to other awesome games and yet maintains that it is awesome by itself.....
Play Idiot Test (Complete) Idiot Test (Complete) Feb. 28, 2011
the fourth part is the first question the others have just been commands/ a maze. So #4 the answer is 1.
Play The Big Kongregate Gaming Quiz The Big Kongregate Gaming Quiz Feb. 28, 2011
haha this is great! its not a game really but i do like that it tests your kongregate knowledge and kinda brings up games i haven't heard of
Play Shoot the victim Shoot the victim Feb. 28, 2011
if you want to scare people with crap like this thats what youtube is for....
Play Epic Ninja Epic Ninja Feb. 28, 2011
it was short enough not to get old it was fun as well! I might add that if you want to make it harder use wasd in addition to the arrows! The animation while not of highest quality was fluid and made me smile at how extreme it was. it would be 4/5 cause its so short but your message at the end... its a 5/5 I WANT MORE
Play Mitoza Mitoza Feb. 28, 2011
I'm not sure if I'm in awe of your imagination... Or should be suggesting a good psychiatrist either way this game is awesome
Play Burrito Bison Burrito Bison Feb. 21, 2011
00:58:90 is my best so far anyone have a faster time?
Play Burrito Bison Burrito Bison Feb. 17, 2011
This is by far the best launcher game out there. Very good job having gummy bears to squash is what I call good recreation 5/5 and I think this is the first game I've given a 5/5
Play Chloe Adventure Chloe Adventure Feb. 16, 2011
If I hear her scream one more time I might punch my screen. It was a good clicking game but FIX that scream.
Play Storm 3D Storm 3D Feb. 16, 2011
Alright so this game looks like it has potential. I know this is kind of a beta but I would suggest a small tutorial level some sound and a faster pace! These may be things that you are already planning to add but aside from that the changing view thing is great. Keep at it cause I want to play the finished product
Play Ant Launcher Ant Launcher Jan. 25, 2011
this is the toughest cannon game i've played
Play Exterminator Exterminator Jan. 25, 2011
Was very please with this TD. It was user friendly and you had some innovative ideas like when i have to restart a level my towers are where i originally placed them. all in all a tower defense game that was enjoyable.
Play Gravity Balls Gravity Balls Dec. 11, 2010
it's an interesting concept. one that i would like to see expansion on my only problem was the sensitivity was really extreme.
Play Tentacle Wars Tentacle Wars Dec. 10, 2010
I loved this game the difficulty curve at first I thought was insane but you just wanted us to use a new tactic! It works awesome and I really want another one of these.... and how about some badges Kong? Either way would like to see some more gameplay
Play Quadrus Quadrus Dec. 10, 2010
It's weird the first time i played it I was like eh kinda silly pieces..... and then I couldn't stop playing it! It's like tetris a little bit but a unique twist
Play Demons Took My Daughter Demons Took My Daughter Nov. 19, 2010
you need to quit your day job and make good games for us gamers.... honestly this is incredible for just having released your already popular other games. Please keep up this good work
Play Bone Ranger Bone Ranger Nov. 04, 2010
wow I would've liked to see this for Halloween maybe next year it will get badges for halloween! Great game and challenging as well