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Play Reactance 2 Reactance 2 Jun. 20, 2012
Ah, slowdown...nature's everlasting "focus ability." I swear, it was the only reason I survived some boss fights. It also helped me realize how stupidly long those things can be. Like others have mentioned, the weapons really need to upgrade better than they do. Otherwise, I'm going to quit a boss fight not out of rage but sheer boredom.
Play Jelly Escape Jelly Escape Jun. 17, 2012
I love this game. An easier version - but no less enjoyable - of Meat Boy with a creative style. I am still working on getting no deaths in each level, which is a fun diversion, if a bit frustrating at times. I would like to see an option to take out checkpoints for those of us going for perfect runs, so we don't have to bother pressing "r" every time we screw up. An option for lazy people, I'll admit, but I would still like to see it.
Play Paladog Paladog May. 24, 2012
"Undead bastards"? That's pretty intense coming from a worm/caterpillar in an apple.
Play Billy the Pilot Billy the Pilot May. 15, 2012
This is the most screwed-up version of the apocalypse I have ever seen. A kid, spurred by his traumatic experiences with his father, goes off and destroys the moon, ignorant of all the devastating consequences. Not that it matters, considering the world is being pelted by hundreds of meteors a day. What a happy little game.
Play Pretentious Game Pretentious Game Apr. 28, 2012
I must say, sir, with tears flooding from my eyes, that you and your fellow minimalist geniuses out there are too good for us lowly gamers. This game made me cry, laugh, smile, weep, pee a little, and even have a bit of indigestion. So much emotion, so little blocks! *sob*
Play Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3 Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3 Apr. 25, 2012
This has probably been said a billion times, but this is the game Sonic would be if Sonic hadn't started to suck. Awesome job Fancy Pants, for being quick and creative.
Play Innkeeper Innkeeper Apr. 13, 2012
In addition to being a great game, it's like this game is some form of higher literature. It delves into the dysfunctional family running the hotel, their horrid lives growing up and their current social difficulties (such as the mother's anxiety and the son's anti-social behavior). It also targets the stereotypes of hotel customers. And finally, it has some pretty f@#&ed up monsters. Fetus-eating creatures? God damn...
Play DuckLife 4 DuckLife 4 Mar. 07, 2012
Yes! Finally beat the game, and I get a nice unlockable! An arcade cabinet, you say? Awesome, I can't wait to see what games are on it. Oh... I'm now able to play any of the training games now...the games I just spent my time grinding on for the past five hours...gee, I feel lucky...
Play CalcuDoku Light Vol 1 CalcuDoku Light Vol 1 Mar. 02, 2012
Can't tell if catpaw is trolling or just stupid... Anyway, the game is enjoyable, but like a few others, I'm disappointed they didn't fix some problems that were present in past games.
Play The Ocean Around Me - Week Two The Ocean Around Me - Week Two Jan. 12, 2012
Okay, I'm willing to accept this guy could have the appetite of a small nation, but I am severely confused how grabbing "happy clouds" contributes to the story. Perhaps the next week will feature the character grabbing happy trees; at least then I can infer this game is some weird metaphor for a Bob Ross "Joy of Painting" episode.
Play GunBot GunBot Dec. 19, 2011
Scariest pizza cutters I have ever seen...
Play Badge Master Badge Master Dec. 18, 2011
Thoroughly enjoy the new redesign and glad to be able to finally use it on Chrome. Now I only have to overcome my hurt dignity that comes with the moniker, "Casual Badger."
Play Backyard Monsters (removed) Backyard Monsters (removed) Dec. 13, 2011
Bah, I just want to get that hard badge done with. Darn people keep on attacking me. Kind of tempted to rename myself "Switzerland" for awhile just so others are tempted to stay away for a bit.
Play Pirates of the Undead Sea Pirates of the Undead Sea Nov. 19, 2011
Huh, well, I like my games like I like my life: with as little physical movement as possible. Thus, this game with its endless backtracking was not quite for me.
Play Monster Arena Monster Arena Nov. 19, 2011
Writing *cough* is killing me *ack* so slowly...
Play Badge Master Badge Master Nov. 13, 2011
It's funny; now that I'm unable to properly load this game for the time being, I've discovered just how much I've used it. Apart from the Daily Badge thingy, I use this system to determine which games I play every time I log onto Kongregate. Can't wait till I can load it up again.
Play Katwalk Katwalk Nov. 07, 2011
I'm amazed how drastically one cat's farts can extend its jumps. That, and how the cat can't breathe in water for a split second until it obtains flippers. Well, that's some legit video game logic there...
Play Robot Wants Ice Cream Robot Wants Ice Cream Nov. 04, 2011
This is the first "Robot Wants" game that I really enjoy. Whereas the other entries felt cheap and slapped together, this game feels very polished.
Play Epic War 2 Epic War 2 Oct. 26, 2011
My favorite of the series, also the one that got me into the series.
Play Four Second Frenzy Four Second Frenzy Oct. 22, 2011
Pah, a poor attempt at the WarioWare franchise. I like the concept of inviting a bunch of artists to take part in this, but barely any of the games show any polish. Almost all control terribly. Bleh...