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Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights Jan. 03, 2013
How are some people playing SK? I've been tryin to play this for 2 months now, since the November GH update. I don't understand why I haven't been able to connect to even see the Launch button. All I see it the Apache Port 80 error screen. I've re-installed Java, and even downgraded to Java 6.
Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights Sep. 12, 2012
I know this is technically a spam comment, but I will post it anyway. While waiting for the game to load, I saw the ad that comes on before. In it, there was action fights goin on, and a panda was kicking butt. I coulda swore it would be the new Kung-Fu Panda movie, but suddenly, it announced that it was a World of Warcraft DLC. I laughed xD
Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights Sep. 02, 2012
@ tatozki123 As nice as that sounds, at the same time in later levels, you would be very irritated if someone went around killing all the Trojans in KoA, and got all the Trojan Horse Shoes. Or if the team split up in a level, to complete faster, (Deconstruction zones, KoA floor 2, ect.) and you only got the loot from what you killed. It's balanced to me. :D
Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights Aug. 31, 2012
Everyone, commenting here about idea's for the game is honestly really nice, and we love to see it. But three rings doesn't ever look at these comments. Mainly cause they have their own website and forums for spiral knights. Try posting there. :D
Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights Aug. 16, 2012
New Players: The game takes a long time to show its even loading. Hit play now ONCE, and simply wait. If the box that appears is empty, (same color all around) with the java notice under it, give it time. If you see a grey/white box, its trying to load the preloader. If nothing truly happens for 5 minutes, insure you have the latest Java, try a different browser, or even check to see if you have your computer doing to many things at once. This game has an amazingly long first time loading time, but you won't have to worry about it after that. 70% is the slowest moment, but once its validating, its almost done.
Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights Jun. 09, 2012
People, please vote down the comment up top about firefox, chrome, and IE. Though it was funny at the time, game advise would be much more suited there. And DO NOT vote this up and cause it to be up there too. Thank you.
Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights Jun. 06, 2012
.....wait, I'm guessing everyone is a google chrome user. I commented to help the person using chrome, to try another browser, and it got voted down. Then another guy says firefox usually works most the time, and it got voted down, then someone says Chrome is better, and it gets voted up. XD Freakin halarious. This is proabably gonna get voted down too lol.
Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights Jun. 05, 2012
Google Chrome tends to be non-compatibal with this game.....for alot of people. Try Internet Explorer (32bit). --------------------------------- If it was online storage, one problem would probably be the servers would be really slow from all the graphics, or crash often. Look at FSO graphics compared to this, it's a lot more to it. ------------------------------------ To lower crashing, try setting lower graphic settings. Helps ALoT.
Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights May. 30, 2012
People, CE won't just magically lower. What we need to do is STOP just clicking buy CE, and post buy options. The more Sellers' sell their CE to us, rather than us buy it from them, the lower CE prices will go. Because we all know 8k is crazy. No new player will make 8k in 1 day. Most new players hardly make 5k. Eventually, if it continues to rise, the player base will drop. Then the game will be broken :(