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Play Flip and Go Flip and Go May. 20, 2013
The second time you reload the page, the loader halts around 36%, so you can't play a second time ...
Developer response from Lampogolovii

Thanks for your bugreport! I think I've fixed it. Please test it! Thanks!

Play 14 locks 14 locks Jun. 06, 2011
Thanks for the feedback! I have uploaded a new version that hides the mouse cursor on the game, by popular demand :) Cheers!
Play Sugar, sugar Sugar, sugar Mar. 07, 2011
A lot of you are asking for a speed up button. I didn't put that in for some reasons: - it's ment to be a relaxing game, just go with the sugar flow and be mindful about it :) - the game would no longer run smoothly, in most levels there's 3000 pixels of sugar there being calculated each frame :)
Play Me And The Key 2 Me And The Key 2 Nov. 19, 2010
Level 14 is not that hard, just try to make big loops all the time, cheers!
Play Full Moon Full Moon Nov. 03, 2009
But there is a reset, did you try the owl? :)
Play Full Moon Full Moon Nov. 03, 2009
I have just uploaded a new version to fix the possible badge problems! Cheers! Bart
Play me and the key me and the key Apr. 10, 2009
The trick on level 25 is to watch the ball physics on the paddle: bouncing the ball on the right side of the paddle will send the ball to the right, bouncing it on the left side will send it to the left. Now you should be able to use only the top and bottom paddle and just use the side paddles in case of emergencies. If you're lucky you can also try and send to ball in a straight line up and then don't touch the paddles anymore, just watch the counter hitting zero :)
Play me and the key me and the key Apr. 10, 2009
For everyone having trouble with level19, I have one hint for you: mouse! Cheeeers!
Play Don't Look Back Don't Look Back Mar. 05, 2009
simply brilliant!
Play doggnation doggnation Mar. 18, 2008
Thanks for all the feedback people! I have just uploaded a new version of doggnation with a 'turbo speed' button now. A lot of you said it was slow, so now you can switch between normal and turbo speed during the game. Have fun! Cheers!
Play A bark in the dark A bark in the dark Dec. 07, 2007
Common common it's not that hard :) who wants a hint then :)