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Play Crash Town 2 Crash Town 2 Aug. 30, 2014
why am i getting penalized for accidents happening off screen?
Play Viking Warfare Viking Warfare Aug. 26, 2014
i like how your defending the east coast and the vikings come from the west
Play Puzzle Fuzz: Episode 2 Puzzle Fuzz: Episode 2 Aug. 25, 2014
i dont know if its just me but some of the game screen gets cut off
Developer response from YAYitsAndrew

Your browser zoom might be set to less than 100%, try ctrl++ or check your browser's menu for a zoom option. Let me know if you still have problems after that

Play Can you hear me Major Tom? [LD30 PROTOTYPE] Can you hear me Major Tom? [LD30 PROTOTYPE] Aug. 24, 2014
Iiimmm sittting in a tin ccaaannnn...
Play The Wizard The Wizard Aug. 21, 2014
the tile set of this game reminds me of KeeperRL
Developer response from HypnoticOwl

Looks like KeeperRL is also (partly) using Oryx 16-bit-fantasy spritesheet.

Play Monster Town Defense 3 Monster Town Defense 3 Aug. 20, 2014
again with this shit hey kong ban this guy already
Play KripperZ KripperZ Aug. 20, 2014
we apart from some weird grammar its pretty good for a flash game BUT WE ARE REPEL THEIR ATTACK
Play The Last Dinosaurs The Last Dinosaurs Aug. 19, 2014
i would like a volume slider for sounds as well as music so i can listen to the awesome soundtrack with out it booming in my ear also 5/5 for the intro
Play Disorder Disorder Aug. 17, 2014
and with earth losing its gravity all of earths atmosphere vented into space and killed everybody the end.
Play Ultimate Tank Defender Ultimate Tank Defender Aug. 15, 2014
omg stop with the proxy accounts upvoting this game your games suck go spam another flash game website
Play WW2 dogfight, age of Warplane WW2 dogfight, age of Warplane Aug. 15, 2014
also an indication of our height from the water as well as how many rounds are currently in our machine gun so we don't go for a dual exchange and end up firing two shots to the enemy's seven
Play WW2 dogfight, age of Warplane WW2 dogfight, age of Warplane Aug. 15, 2014
when your planes flying to the right up makes you go down and vice versa when your flying to the left up become up and down becomes down. this has caused me to crash several times
Play Robots Initiate Work Sequence Robots Initiate Work Sequence Aug. 14, 2014
it may just be me but on the level with the speed shrine it appears to be bugged if used for the rest of the level and all the levels after it i had robots moving at twice the speed causing graphically glitchs with the animation
Play Billy the Pilot Billy the Pilot Aug. 04, 2014
i got pretty far until russian back separtist shot me down thinking i was a military plane
Play Mad Truck Challenge Mad Truck Challenge Aug. 02, 2014
play button isnt working browser is google chrome
Play Idle Web Tycoon Idle Web Tycoon Aug. 01, 2014
and this is how my website consisting of nothing but ads gt over a billion hits
Play Monster Squad Advanced Monster Squad Advanced Jul. 24, 2014
great another game form this guy whos used proxy accounts to get it on the hot new games list 1. star
Play Command & Control Command & Control Jul. 19, 2014
Fix bayonets... really who fights with bayonets anymore
Play Kick The Critter Kick The Critter Jul. 18, 2014
hmm this flood is taking a long time...
Play The Lord of the Tower The Lord of the Tower Jul. 17, 2014
ukron sounds like ukrain pukin sounds like it just me or are you saying something here hmm?