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Jun. 25, 2013

Rating: 1

Normally I'm not really a fan of Hidden Object games but it was the game of the day so I thought I would give it a shot. I absolutely loved it! Fantastic job! A little advice for anyone else playing: Stage 2 & 3 are basically just a bunch of different rooms. If you're missing an object from one of the rooms and can't find it at all. Leave the room and come back later after hunting for something else, it helps a ton!

Developer response from SpikeVallentine

Wow, cool how you turned out loving it! That is some cool advice! :)

Ultimate Santa Battle

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Dec. 22, 2011

Rating: 2

I love this game but I would like to see a few things changed. 1. Give a fast kill bonus of some sort because once you get further into the game and you can kill the first 5 demons super quickly before being dumped into the bullet spam levels. it's a lot harder to get the 20,000 for the achievement since you don't get the combos. 2. Have the Raindeer shoot snowflakes/Snowballs because I keep thinking they are the demon ones and trying to dodge them. 3. Show how much an upgrade does. For example say Fire Damage lvl 4 is 10% more damage than level 3. That way It be easier to pick upgrades since they have a value we can see. 4. The bonuses are horribly unbalanced. Some fry everything and others just barely do damage. But other comments go into better detail on this. Like this so it shows up! :D

Run Elephant Run

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Dec. 18, 2011

Rating: 3

Bird level on insane: Didn't have to jump once! Luck +2

Robotic Emergence

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Jun. 06, 2010

Rating: 2

Ridiculously easy Just spam Pyramids and upgrade only production rate Power and speed I beat the whole game in about 5-10 min and as for endurance use the same strategy it's super easy... But I like the concept and 20 Billion People by 2020 well have way to many babies Overall 3.5 Creativity 4 Game Play 5 Plot 3.5 Difficulty 2

You Have To Burn The Rope

Play You Have To Burn The Rope

Apr. 02, 2010

Rating: 0

5/5 Great song



Jul. 03, 2009

Rating: 0

110% in 1428 Seconds :D this is really easy

Balloon Cat

Play Balloon Cat

Jun. 07, 2009

Rating: 0

It's Okay Hard with a laptop mouse maybe Be able to use the up and down arrows to aim and spacebar to fire?

Battalion: Nemesis

Play Battalion: Nemesis

May. 30, 2009

Rating: 0

LOL if you beat the War for Oil Mission you get to play the halo map :P And its sooo much fun :3

Battalion: Skirmish

Play Battalion: Skirmish

May. 27, 2009

Rating: 0

Its allmost to easy just build a whole bunch of rocket trucks and just sit there and when the enemys come just shoot them :P

Endless War 3

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Mar. 15, 2009

Rating: -1

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Play Dinowaurs

Mar. 13, 2009

Rating: 0

Im LVL 5 Fun once you get the hang of it :)

Tahiti Hidden Pearls

Play Tahiti Hidden Pearls

Feb. 19, 2009

Rating: -1

1st YAY

The Virus Game

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Feb. 19, 2009

Rating: 0

#4 Yay Could a little faster it's a little to slow

Death Dice Overdose

Play Death Dice Overdose

Feb. 08, 2009

Rating: 0

I would rather eat my moldey shoe than play this game again

Sonny 2

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Feb. 04, 2009

Rating: 0

Not even a game

Mastermind: World Conquerer

Play Mastermind: World Conquerer

Feb. 04, 2009

Rating: 0

For all you silly peoples there is a sonny 2 it's just not on kongregate yet

Veggie Dodge

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Feb. 02, 2009

Rating: 0



Play Arcane

Feb. 02, 2009

Rating: -1

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Achievement Unlocked

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Jan. 06, 2009

Rating: 0

239.13 i almost failed 6/5 its that good

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3

Play Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3

Jan. 05, 2009

Rating: 0

This game is kind of sad for me i mean really guys bad music. I mean if you want something better Go to flash flash revolution they have way more songs