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Oct 18, 2008 6:16pm

Bullet’s awesome… but you might also want to try atreyu, avenged sevenfold, disturbed, alexisonfire, just a thought…

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Sep 30, 2008 5:15pm

my brothers a big fan of bfmv

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Aug 7, 2008 8:42am

means gd cos it was gd lol gd means good thats why i sed well done :P

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Jul 16, 2008 1:02pm

-18 1i 18 1i 20 1u 2m 2k 36 3e 3f 4c 3r 5m 48 73 4o 8m 5a a2 5v bg 6l d0 7d ei 89 g5 9d hp ak jc c0 kr dh m0 f6 mt gs nl ij o8 kb ol m4 os nu ot,q5 ol rd oc ss nt ub ne vn mk 10m ll 11g kh 127 jb 12r i6 13d h1 13v ff 14d e1 14q cg 156 as 15h 96 15s 7e 166 5l 16g 3r 16q 20 16r 1c 16o 2c,16r 1c 17c 1b,1ge 1s 1q4 1s 1v4 1s 21u 1s 23g 1s 28q 1s 29e 1s …show more
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Jul 14, 2008 1:02pm

gd track the one that took an hour well done