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Play Jelly Lift Jelly Lift Jul. 31, 2014 All achievements & how to get them.
Play Soccer Physics Soccer Physics Jul. 28, 2014
You are far more likely to win against the computer by DOING NOTHING.
Play Soccer Physics Soccer Physics Jul. 28, 2014
Far too easy to score own goals. I'd like to be at least able to control my forward/backward movement. And that AI cheats like HELL!
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jul. 27, 2014
12 million dollars for a lemon stand that makes less than 700 bucks. You're insane, you know that?
Play Jelly Lift Jelly Lift Jul. 26, 2014
that chocolate thing LIES. it wiped out ALL my achievements.
Play Kick The Critter Kick The Critter Jul. 25, 2014
Why is the difficulty ramp SO high to start with. There's almost no skill to getting a good launch, it's more luck than anything. Also, don't you acknowledge save games from other sites. I've got really far on this on NotDoppler & it's a right twat to have to start from scratch AGAIN.
Play Coin Collector Coin Collector Jul. 21, 2014
prices per upgrade are total shit.
Developer response from NukeVaster

There not that bad it's not meant to be a millionaire in 5 seconds game

Play Life is hard Life is hard Jul. 20, 2014
can't do 2nd level. appears to be impossible?
Developer response from awakenedarm

No brainisdead . Every level is possible !

Play Locked out Again Locked out Again Jul. 20, 2014
Another idiot who just links to another site, and why is it ALWAYS Sploder? Can we make this a banning offence please?
Play Tunel walk Tunel walk Jul. 20, 2014
try hosting your game here and NOT on Sploder.
Play Lux Sumus Lux Sumus Jul. 20, 2014
pressing space only allows you to fire once. Games where you can't see are a REALLY bad idea.
Play Billy Makin Kid Billy Makin Kid Jul. 20, 2014
Crashed my entire browser, hijacked my mouse pointer. I had to use the keyboard to open task manager to close crashed browser.
Play Johnny Beach Race Johnny Beach Race Jul. 18, 2014
If this is beach racing why are they in cars, not beach buggies?
Play BloxxClicker BloxxClicker Jul. 18, 2014
Game failed in opening second, Error #1009
Developer response from MePlayItOnline

Thank you, I'll check this. Is there a word befor the error? init, reset or something?

Play Rat Maze Rat Maze Jul. 18, 2014
AWFUL. Game crashes shockwave plugin when ending levels. Also, making you restart from level 1 if you fail on ANY level just royally sucks.
Play Rat Maze Rat Maze Jul. 18, 2014
Not crashing the browser when the level ends might be a good idea.
Play The Mind Challenge Game The Mind Challenge Game Jul. 18, 2014
That 3rd lot of squares needs about a second longer at least.
Developer response from kygen1000

you should be to try again :)

Play Aboriginal Brothers Aboriginal Brothers Jul. 18, 2014
WAY too easy to get stuck and need to restart, also that jump height is pitiful.
Play Aboriginal Brothers Aboriginal Brothers Jul. 18, 2014
Please remove your fake, redirecting "play" button.
Play Save My King Save My King Jul. 18, 2014
Can't combine bow and arrows or use either on guards in 2nd location?