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Play Max Damage 2 Max Damage 2 Apr. 19, 2014
Ok, I finished it..... but ONLY because of the badges
Play Uranium Tank Reactor Meltdown Hockey Uranium Tank Reactor Meltdown Hockey Apr. 17, 2014
No load
Developer response from Epiki

thanks yeah having problems.. will try to delete it :)

Play Blackjack Casino red Blackjack Casino red Apr. 03, 2014
I guess you don't know how to play blackjack?
Play Ludum Dare Mini - Kobold Space Program Ludum Dare Mini - Kobold Space Program Mar. 25, 2014
An idler.....
Play Loot Heroes Loot Heroes Mar. 20, 2014
Nice game. Unless I don't understand what it's supposed to do, the HP regen doesn't work evenly.
Play Kids Vs. Santa Kids Vs. Santa Mar. 12, 2014
LOL what yo-yo thought there should be new badges for a 3 year old Christmas-themed game in March?
Play Awesome Flying World BETA Awesome Flying World BETA Mar. 11, 2014
A and L ? WTH?
Play Flappy Bird Flash Flappy Bird Flash Mar. 07, 2014
Kong needs a filter to eliminate all games "Flappy"
Play Pops Frenzy Pops Frenzy Mar. 02, 2014
Why are you making me hold the mouse button?
Play Ridiculous Glitching Ridiculous Glitching Feb. 24, 2014
Needs badges.
Play Amigo Pancho 4 Amigo Pancho 4 Feb. 24, 2014
Every time I Play one of these I'm always left thinking how it could have easily been so much better.
Play Tales of Essentia Tales of Essentia Feb. 24, 2014
Too bad. Looks like it's almost a good game. However menus don't work. Weapons disappear from my hand for now apparent reason. aiming is erratic. Why did you release this?
Play Idleplex Idleplex Feb. 22, 2014
My cat isn't wearing his crown........ WUWT?
Play Temple of Gaeia Temple of Gaeia Feb. 22, 2014
Is there an object to this game?
Play fight saucers fight saucers Feb. 13, 2014
Not terrible. But not worth a second play
Play GlowBall GlowBall Feb. 13, 2014
played a couple levels not bad I don't like having to use the space bar especially since I need to hold shift too. "a" would be a better choice
Play Action Dimension (Power Paintball) Action Dimension (Power Paintball) Feb. 12, 2014
a game that require me to spam as part of gameplay is a nonstarter
Play My Champion My Champion Jan. 30, 2014
funny unplayable
Play Corruptong Corruptong Jan. 21, 2014
This is crazy. I like it. But it is unplayable.
Play Papa's Pastaria Papa's Pastaria Jan. 14, 2014
ANOTHER one of these things? How about Papa'a Morgue-aria? You can arrange limbs and paint faces while the bodies pile up and rot.