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Play Realm Grinder Realm Grinder Jun. 07, 2015
not sure if this was intended, but with fairies I can wait till I have full mana, then activate Fairy Chanting then tax collection to gain a pretty big amount of cash.
Play Tangerine Tycoon Tangerine Tycoon Jan. 22, 2015
"Only through reckless amounts of gambling and playing the stocks was I able to save one fourth of humanity from the plague of man eating tangerine that I unleashed unto the world. You may now thank me, your hero."
Play The Enchanted Cave 2 The Enchanted Cave 2 Jan. 22, 2015
My god it has arrived...thank you for making this, so far having a blast.
Play Rogue Soul 2 Rogue Soul 2 Sep. 28, 2014
Phew, finally got all the costume pieces and it feels quite. The endless hunter is so unforgiving but once I saw my score finally top 10,000 I was so happy. Thank you Soulgame, minutes well spent.
Play King's Ascent King's Ascent Jul. 30, 2013
I like this, the king might of had to make the hard decisions, decisions which bettered his people and saved more lives then otherwise. I see it as those just below him chose to only see the bad parts without thinking about how their was not much else alternative, and without a king with the will to make hard choices like that they might of cursed the kingdom, and those who live in it, to a far worse fate.
Play ... :D ... :D May. 21, 2013
I'm not gonna rate this based on the difficulty curve, which was good. I'm not gonna rate this on the level design, which was good. I'm not gonna rate this on the music, which was good. I'm not even gonna rate this on how smooth this game feels, which it feels really smooth. No, I will rate this game on the name alone, which gets it a 5/5....
Play no-one has to die. no-one has to die. Apr. 24, 2013
Wow, that story....Time travel stories are always crazy, but yours is so in a good way. Thank you for the nice game.
Play Frantic 3 Frantic 3 Feb. 13, 2013
New plan: Get 1 interceptor, buy nice repeaters, and call it the Gnat....love this game.
Play Monster Legions Monster Legions Jan. 26, 2013
Remember kids, if at first you don't succeed, then you didn't use enough fire.
Play Mitoza Mitoza Feb. 28, 2011
This....This thing....I just...Not sure what to......oh well it is pretty cool in the most creepy sort of way.....I think.
Play No Time To Explain No Time To Explain Feb. 27, 2011
gotta love how both easter eggs stack. Nothing is greater then Dinosaurs with glasses.
Play Burrito Bison Burrito Bison Feb. 19, 2011
Now this game has the perfect music to escape by means of flatting gummies.
Play Sarah's Run (preview) Sarah's Run (preview) Dec. 27, 2010
if this is just a preview, I can't wait for the full game. I can just imagine what kind of puzzles you can turn out and probably get some new floor types into this. As it is now it still gets a 5/5 and it will only get better.
Play iZZi iZZi Sep. 29, 2010
Great game, but currently I have 32 bronze and gold trophies, but only 31 silver trophies. I do hope this bug gets fix or whatnot, but until it does I think I'll just give this a 4/5 for a fun puzzle game with an annoying bug.
Play Robot Wants Ice Cream Robot Wants Ice Cream Sep. 25, 2010
Awesome game series but why did it have to be poor kitty. He was the first pet for the robot, he was the one to help you get the puppy. Now all cause he was a little hungry in the last game the robot did that to the poor kitty?!? It was fun but besides my first run I don't think I can play this game again and do that to the poor kitty. Either way defiantly a 5/5 game...
Play Achievement Unlocked 2 Achievement Unlocked 2 Aug. 19, 2010
My god, not another Achievement game. Now I will force myself to gain them all and have fun doing so. Those monsters they knew it would do this to me. The only thing that comforts me in this time of playing with a small elephant is that I will give this game a horrid 5/5. I hope you deserve this.
Play Heir Heir Aug. 18, 2010
Cool game, but the end was quite annoying.
Play Coma Coma Jul. 06, 2010
what a wonderfully odd game with beauty of a world. The only thing for me was the ending left me wanting something more to it. 4/5
Play The Company of Myself The Company of Myself Dec. 01, 2009
Very nice game, simple and enjoyable story with some nice puzzle solving. I like it.
Play ISIS (challenge edition) ISIS (challenge edition) Sep. 15, 2009
Fine artwork like many of the difference games, but the music is what sets this one above the normal ones which get 3s or 4s imo. 5/5