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Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 18, 2013
Suggestion: The option to use the space-bar instead of using the mouse button for the cast & reel functions in the fishing mini-game.
Play Feudalism III Feudalism III Nov. 09, 2013
Odd that there are no passive skills.
Play Dungeons of Kong Dungeons of Kong Nov. 08, 2013
I think it would be better if necromancer summons, illusionist summons and beastmaster wolves scaled with level. by level 4, that wolf is useless.
Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Aug. 01, 2013
Karma Core, the core of cores. Honest question, do these even drop?
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Indeed they do, but as you'd imagine, you'll have to be playing Hard and Overrun in the highest areas to find them from the bosses.

Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Jun. 30, 2013
Crafting items should definitely have an "Are you sure you want to sell this item; Yes or No?" screen.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

How annoying would that be to have to click yes or no every time you wanted to sell something? :/

Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Jun. 28, 2013
I notice that Kongregate auto logs you into the game. For a brief second I can see the login screen. If the horses were to make a way in game for us to access the username and password associated with our kongregate account; would we be able to use the installer at www.angry-red.com to prevent slow loading?
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Technically there's nothing stopping us. Legally there's everything stopping us. So sorry it's not going to happen I'm afraid :(

Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Feb. 24, 2013
Normal quality lags less than low quality. I kid thee not. Press x and try it out.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

We know. A fix for this is on the way.

Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Feb. 18, 2013
It's not the cunning is underpowered, it's a great class, you can use your light Armour ninja escapes, fire bombs and poison arrows to do damage over time whilst escaping your enemy's attacks. It's that the game makes cunning very difficult to make useful. With frequent ambushes in cramped locations, boss and boss battles that leave the rest of the area walled off leaving very little room to ninja escape to. An on top of that, the tactics used by cunning take more time to succeed than those used by other classes, so this means that using cunning keeps the threat level relatively high which means disproportionately worse loot for cunning than other classes. There's reason most people aren't using cunning.
Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Feb. 13, 2013
Could use a reset button, I wanted to try the other classes, thought that if I deleted my characters, the quests would reset, and they did not. Now I've got 3 level 1s all too low level for any of the quests. It's a fascinating game tho I need a reset button.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

This is already on our list of features to add. Look to a future update for this!

Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Jan. 21, 2013
You can carry a bow and a shield. Not sure if that's a glitch or not, but it should be fixed either way.
Play Elements Elements Jan. 19, 2013
I don't want the music to stop right after I press play.
Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Jan. 07, 2013
I don't know about you, but if I was armed with a sword an shield, an bunch of people started shooting arrows at me, I'd either charge at them, run away, or raise my shield. I certainly wouldn't just stand there.
Play Reincarnation:  Let The Evil Times Roll Reincarnation: Let The Evil Times Roll Aug. 12, 2012
Just fed the dog a sleeping fetus.... that is evil..
Play Enigmata: Stellar War Enigmata: Stellar War Jul. 30, 2012
Neg voiders don't void darkness, I don;t know if that's intentional or a glitch but it needs to be fixed, in later levels that's the most common neg.
Play Enigmata: Stellar War Enigmata: Stellar War Jul. 28, 2012
This game needs one crucial polishing touch. When a unit loses chunks of hp, it should visually deteriorate. This would make healing much easier as I wouldn't need to scroll over everything to figure out the difference between a wall with 2% hp left an a wall with 92% hp left.
Play GemCraft Labyrinth GemCraft Labyrinth Jul. 21, 2012
A "target most hit points" shift +click option for gems would make poison much more tactical.
Play GemCraft Labyrinth GemCraft Labyrinth Jun. 12, 2012
does poison stack? tower poisons the same monster twice before the poison timer runs out, what happens?
Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Jun. 12, 2012
good game, aside from the speed up button, I think the ai soldiers could use some improvement, maybe an offensive an defensive mode. defense stands it's ground like it even when under attack from archers, offense attack anything that moves within range.
Play Enigmata: Stellar War Enigmata: Stellar War Jun. 10, 2012
small notice, when the scorpions get range boosts, it doesn't actually increase the range of their attacks, it just increases the red halo you see when you hover over them.
Play Enigmata: Stellar War Enigmata: Stellar War Jun. 08, 2012
oh villabios, that's gotta be a the good guy right? clever naming mr. 5/5