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Play Elements Elements May. 15, 2013
@BlueBolter: This is fantasy, not logic, tell me where you find Dragons in science.
Play Bearbarians Bearbarians Apr. 28, 2013
1/5, laggy as hell, poorly constructed, I think there's a problem when you just hold to jjump and you fall down.
Play Elements Elements Mar. 16, 2013
@edce: There's no best deck, beginners may as well use mono darkness fully unupped and have better results because grabbow isn't that easy to be played.
Play Elements Elements Jan. 24, 2013
@qazzaq123: Council will get guilds on the forum soon™.
Play Elements Elements Jan. 21, 2013
@DragonSlayer9000: You get 1 card that you can easily get in game by playing, it's just a donation so he doesn't make the game pay2win, even though I'm sure it will never be pay2win.
Play Elements Elements Jan. 19, 2013
@y8man: Well, if you count that saving deck codes will slow down the server a lot I don't think Zanz should implement that, but we have a nice tool from Xeno for that:
Play Elements Elements Jan. 19, 2013
@Inami_minoru: Darkness, that good that can beat Ai1 with 50 hp left.
Play Elements Elements Jan. 13, 2013
@Reddest: They came already, refresh and look into bazaar. Also they were here even before, just that as rare cards for a while.
Play Elements Elements Jan. 12, 2013
@TurkeyPie: Wasn't the same comment posted a while ago?
Play Elements Elements Jan. 06, 2013
@poetic_one: Then you're just stupid, you don't have to use a mono to use the shard, you can be a duo, trio, rainbow, etc. Also use the element to use that shard, why you would still be allowed to splash SoFo or SoSac in every deck?
Play Elements Elements Dec. 31, 2012
@ian: Actually, score means how much you grind, it doesn't matter in PvP, pros are actually considered in PvP.
Play Elements Elements Dec. 29, 2012
@edce: What you use for damage? Go for 12 miracles, 12 SoDs, 12 SoSacs and 24 light quanta, epic stalling.
Play Elements Elements Dec. 28, 2012
@d00m: Suddenly 12 Dim Shields, or 12 Fire Bolts, or 12 Sanctuaries, and so on.
Play Elements Elements Dec. 20, 2012
@ChickenMayBite: Not random, it's based on the shards you give him, also the golem is earth, way easier to explain, isn't it?
Play Elements Elements Dec. 19, 2012
@simla: Earth, I think the golem being earth would make it clear...
Play Elements Elements Dec. 04, 2012
@bbrtki: So you are the speedbow with those 5 cards kind of guy, right?
Play Elements Elements Dec. 02, 2012
@edcedcedc: Drop it already lol, you failed and you know it: Fractal came in 1.21, but Phase Dragon became immortal way before.
Play Elements Elements Dec. 01, 2012
@edce: Well, I'm pretty sure Fractal didn't even existed when Phase Dragon wasn't immortal, nice try to get those votes, but :S
Play Elements Elements Nov. 27, 2012
@simla: Lol being scared by Aflatoxin.
Play Elements Elements Nov. 24, 2012
@ChickenMayBite: But there are a lot of people dueling, and the PvP duel server is the same as PvP2 server.