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Play EMP Game EMP Game Mar. 20, 2014
Hi, so I've just got my second planet and its not good lol. Why can't i just share my resources with all my planets automatically, having to send resources in fleets is boring and time consuming, and makes the game less fun for me.
Play EMP Game EMP Game Mar. 10, 2014
Things I like :- 1. Dev's seem to be interacting and playing the game (awesome). 2. Not pay to win (awesome) 3.Slowly paced so 24 hour a day players don't win lol (awesome) Things i don't like :- 1. Star map is really plain, also i think the appearance of a players star should change colour to represent there population. Making it easier to see who's playing and who's not. 2. I'd also like to upload my own avatar on my info page. 3. Something to customize my Alliance, ship colours, a flag, something that shows up in the background of the avatar maybe. Thats all for now, awesome game so far thanks :)
Play Flash Cycle Flash Cycle Jan. 30, 2014
"2. a straight line is faster than anything else" Not if your going the wrong way...
Play Acrium Acrium Sep. 15, 2012
well its nice to see someone using stencyl, well done for programing the door to 2/5, everyone has to start somewhere
Play Stencyl Tutorial: First Game Stencyl Tutorial: First Game Sep. 14, 2012
Thank you so much for the time invested in these tutorials, i never leave comments but felt you were really owed a Thank you.
Developer response from Abigayl

You're welcome :)

Play Knight Defender Preview Knight Defender Preview Sep. 07, 2012
Nice to new talent
Play BattleSpace BattleSpace May. 21, 2012
Love the game 5/5
Play Dueling Blades Dueling Blades May. 01, 2012
PLz i need guilds lol
Play Castlot Castlot Apr. 30, 2012
God i'm getting tired of the same crap idea re-packaged again and again. I mean are you proud "Ideachannel" of this game ?. A game made only to make money using a stolen idea. Please Kong members rate this down with me, and show were sick of this this repetitive shite.
Play Goodgame Fashion Goodgame Fashion Jan. 03, 2012
I kind of like it, needs alittle bit of work done to it but yea.
Play Creeper World: Evermore Creeper World: Evermore Dec. 04, 2011
Firtly nice idea with having a new map everyday, but i think we need bigger maps now. Still the Creeper we love, but on a massive scale!!!!!
Play Hostility Hostility Jul. 31, 2011
Wow, this sucks.
Play Hostility Hostility Jul. 31, 2011
First lol
Play Eredan iTCG Eredan iTCG Jul. 30, 2011
Another game ruined by credits, look people will pay once thier into the game, not in the first @%#$ing 5 mins.
Play Age Of Wind 2 Age Of Wind 2 Jul. 30, 2011
Its the sameas age of wind 1, what a dispointment.
Play Diner City Diner City Jul. 22, 2011
Ok the perfect stratagy, upgrade all of the top row on your first building, then buy second don't upgrand until you then get 3rd, after that get all three doing deliverys then upgrade everything on the first building. Rate up if this works for you : )
Play Age Of Wind 2 Age Of Wind 2 Jun. 20, 2011
This game is going to be huge if it becomes a mmo, with guild sail designs and mutiplayer battles, everyone needs to rate it up tho
Play Cargo Bridge: Armor Games Edition Cargo Bridge: Armor Games Edition Jun. 10, 2011
Ok i play this game loads and like everyone i love it : ), but what i think it needs is for people to be able move parts of thier bridge my dragging them, letting you quicky tweek your design with out have to delete bits and put them back in. Plz thumb up if you agree.
Play Backyard Monsters (removed) Backyard Monsters (removed) Jun. 03, 2011
To any new players who hate Facebook but want some friendson there map, click on thier name in the box under the room name. then add them as a friend and they will apper on your map : )
Play Tyrant Tyrant May. 29, 2011
I think it would be handy if a faction leader could see when members last played.