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Feb 14, 2012 10:09am

Play league of legends, a exelent game register here

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Nov 29, 2011 7:57am

yo man thanks for the tips on monster slayers

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Oct 8, 2010 9:35pm

what do you mean on the monster slayers comment you posted on the summon combinations. when at the end you say do +1 to keep visible?

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camillelambert Oct 9, 2010 12:41am

its nothing it is simply to bet thumbs up so that the comment appears in the upper part comments and doesnt get lost in all the other comments.

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Jun 26, 2009 6:47am

Mann every game has a rightclick menu by default, its just people like to modifiy there menu to promote themself.

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Apr 3, 2009 10:49am

it was only up for 2 horus for a server stress test.

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Apr 3, 2009 10:43am

I let Kong people know and they are going to pull zening from the rankings. thanks for the heads up.

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Aug 26, 2008 4:25pm

No Problem its just thinkin outside the box (or rules)

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Aug 26, 2008 10:30am

if you want an answer for level 22 just google hexiom connect walkthrough.