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Play Drillboid Drillboid Feb. 21, 2011
I apologise that you are offended by the unfinished nature of our game coolmike13. Feedback is very important for developing a really good game, we've already made a lot of plans to change things because of the feedback we've gotten from people on this very site. What you see here is the product of a month and a half of very hard work.
Play Drillboid Drillboid Feb. 17, 2011
Oops! how did we miss that... Will check it before we update again but we can't make any significant updates now until after the competition. We'll keep working on it between now and then and release a new version after the competition is over.
Play Drillboid Drillboid Feb. 17, 2011
We actually added the lives purely for this kongregate release, we'll definately be removing them once we have more of a goal to the game. Eventually the main goals will be collecting all the different parts, finding all the areas and completing the storyline. Just so there is no confusion, these things haven't been implemented yet!
Play Drillboid Drillboid Feb. 16, 2011
Thanks for so many comments everybody. We'll be adding loads more stuff to this game before it's finished including a story and lots of upgrades. So far we've only worked on this for a month and a half, over the next few months it will grow a lot! We appreciate all your encouragement and criticism and we'll try our best to take it all on board as we continue to work on the game.