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Play Break The Rules Break The Rules Sep. 04, 2013
Quinn's Review: Ugly graphics, the car controls like arse, the gameplay is literally a three-space side-moving car racer like you used to get on big plastic watches in the early '90s. The music is a badly looped extract from a generic rock track. No gameplay to speak of. Pass.
Play Ghost Rider Drive Ghost Rider Drive Sep. 04, 2013
Quinn's Review: There is no way in hell these guys have clearance to use the Ghost Rider IP in this way. This game is atrocious. They've combined someone else's grungy art with minimalist Tron-style neon paths - a complete mismatch. The controls are shonky. The levels are so short you can't get enough speed to do anything before they end - they are literally a few seconds long. The stunt detection is wonky, only registering sometimes. You can reach the finish line upside down as there is no penalty for poorly controlling the bike. Terrible, but more concerning, almost certainly not legal, so it shouldn't be on Kong.
Play Differences in Puppy Land Differences in Puppy Land Sep. 04, 2013
Quinn's Review: Difference games have come a long way in the last few years. Check out Ivory's amazing 5 Differences and 6 Differences for reference. You cannot get away with something this lazy any more. The shooping is atrocious, there are only ten pictures (which, by the way, I seriously doubt this designer bothered to get copyright for as they've been lifted direct from some cut puppy page on the net). Finding a difference gives you a crappy yellow star indicator rather than completing the picture, which is just lazy. There is no penalty for just randomly clicking. The interface isn't even particularly nice and that animated logo is terribly distracting as well as ugly. I love difference games, but it's ones like this that give the genre a bad rep.
Play Block Breaker Block Breaker Sep. 04, 2013
Quinn's Review: Look, I'm happy you managed to complete your first design-a-game assignment at school, but arkanoid is a very well developed genre and this has less features than the original. No graphics to speak of, your colours are very hard on the eye (dark blue ball on black background, really?), no sounds at all, no power-ups, no ... anything. And each level simply adds a row of blocks - and there's no space above them so the game is *incredibly* tedious. I assume at some point you just win and it resets because otherwise you'll run out of screen space, but I lost interest around level four so I don't know. Barely a game at all, certainly not a good one.
Play Simple Risk Simple Risk Sep. 04, 2013
Can't recommend if noone's playing it. Maybe get an active player base or some PvE option in place first before trying to launch it on Kong - this is not the place to bring something like this until it is actually popping.
Play Robots Save the Day Robots Save the Day Sep. 04, 2013
Quinn's Review: ... actually, once I figured out what was going on here, this game really grabbed me. It's not amazing just now, but it has something I haven't seen in this sort of game before: instructions can overlap. Initially you're going to think it's a bug, so this game really needs better on-screen communication, but actually the point is you can set a four second walk instruction with a one second activate instruction in the middle of it without wasting a pass on it - that's a really clever idea. Graphics are okay, music is tense. Levels are far too easy, but get some complexity in there and this could be a hit. Just work on communication - a lot of people are going to assume this is bugged or badly designed before figuring out what's going on.
Play Crazy Numbers Crazy Numbers Sep. 04, 2013
Quinn's Review: 'Available on android' and 'designed in unity' usually tell me one thing: the game will be well put together but ultimately lazy. It's true here. Very, very simple concept - click the numbers in order. That's it, 1-25, click in order. The buttons look good enough, the music loops correctly, there's a timer. As a positive there's no clutter in the presentation; as a negative there aren't even any instructions so initially you're going to wonder what to do. This feels like someone's first year design assignment rather than a serious attempt at a game.
Developer response from garoagames

so, from one negative point, you say it feels like someones first year design assignment? There's a field called "instructions" here on this page, that tells you exactly what to do. Besides, our android app does have a quick tutorial, because there isnt a field "instructions" there. So, if you have some other significant and relevant negative points, we'll be glad enough to hear about.

Play 3D Jeep Venture 3D Jeep Venture Sep. 04, 2013
Quinn's Review: I would certainly play a good old-style vertical car racing game, but 3D Jeep Venture has less features than a version I had on my watch in 1994. Only four levels, each incredibly short. You can upgrade your car, but you get so much cash on the first level that you effectively upgrade immediately, and so near as I can tell the upgrades don't actually change your handling or speed much if at all. Worse, the collision detection is atrocious. Worst of all, there is literally no reason to drive fast since there is no time limit and driving slow is much easier. Not a good game.
Play Cupboard Escape Cupboard Escape Sep. 03, 2013
Quinn's Review: Not bad. Short, but the puzzles for the most part make sense. Two problems: firstly, placing the railway tracks is so fiddly that you probably won't do it unless you know specifically where to put them, which you can't know just from playing the game - some indicator of where to put them would have been nice. Second, and more importantly, the final coloured block puzzle makes no sense - just turn everything and it makes a wall disappear, which lets you unlock a lock you could see without doing that. No sense. And no sense is bad in an escape game. A shame because the rest of the game was pretty good.
Play Fabulous Back To School Fabulous Back To School Sep. 03, 2013
Quinn's Review: Once again, do not make a game with a ten second music loop that doesn't loop seamlessly. This one is even worse than the last one because it cuts of mid-note; at least the other one was a complete bar of music. The options here are few, and there's no animation, so it's not worth it, music aside.
Play Angel Walking On the Beach Angel Walking On the Beach Sep. 03, 2013
Quinn's Review: Wow. I mean, wow. Okay, so it's a dress-up game, I get they aren't everyone's cup of tea, fine. The art is ... okay, the options are small, with only one model and no animation, but ... my god, the music. In a game like this why on earth would you select a twelve second music loop that doesn't even loop seamlessly? It is such bad design. Did noone actually play this to see what it was like before releasing it?
Play Bakugan Coloring Book Bakugan Coloring Book Sep. 03, 2013
Quinn's Review: Not a game. I don't mean colouring games can't be games, but this one isn't even a colouring game. Only two images, a small colour palette, and the pictures are divided into only a small number of areas meaning you can't, for instance, decorate the guy's shirt, just pick the one colour you want the whole thing to be. No creativity here, just block colouring.
Play Live Puzzle 2 Live Puzzle 2 Sep. 03, 2013
Quinn's Review: One of the best puzzle games I've seen in this format. It actually makes you think, and I can't remember the last time a flash puzzler made me do that. The images are nice and complex but usable. The music gets on your goat almost immediately but you can mute it so no problem there. Good number of levels, good replayability. Very nice.
Play Spark Maze Escape Spark Maze Escape Mar. 27, 2013
Quinn's Review: Very repetitive backgrounds, a very short music loop, out-of-place sound effects and a very, very basic illustration style make this one point and click you can safely skip.
Play Enjoy These Kittens Enjoy These Kittens Mar. 27, 2013
Quinn's Review: Not a game. And if you are going to have a clickable slideshow of cats, at least make sure all the pictures are properly sized and that the picture transitions are decorative and clever. A lot more could be made of this concept; it still wouldn't be a game, but at least it would be relaxing and enjoyable.
Play Dotty Dotty Mar. 27, 2013
Quinn's Review: The game is so short that the results are largely down to random variations in the location of the dots rather than your reaction times. The 'advertiser' bit worries me - it's like the game is so basic and short to facilitate the provision of ads, which is a cynical way to design a game. The music is also the most generic loop I've heard, though the dots remaining on screen, assuming that's deliberate, is a nice touch wasted on an otherwise nothing game.
Play Elephant Quest Elephant Quest May. 05, 2012
Quinn's Review: jmtb02, everything you touch with your bizarre trunk turns to gaming gold. I think getting assistance with the art in Elephant Quest was a wise move; the game really benefitted from the bubblegum pop stylings on top of the bizarrely RPG-ish platform mechanics. One thing I would say is that with a bit of forethought the game is very cheap to win: just make sure to max out the things that give you bonuses on level up first, and then each level your power skyrockets, meaning that by the end you've completed the whole tree without really trying. But as this is a casual game, I don't think that breaks anything; if anything, it's vaguely satisfying to see your little trunked hero become epic pachyderm tank with your guidance. Two thumbs up.
Play William and Sly William and Sly Nov. 08, 2011
Quinn's Review: An absolutely gorgeous game, William and Sly is very relaxing with just a hint of danger. The fox handles very easily (except when flying) and unlike most games with hidden elements, the hidden elements here are not impossible to find; it just takes a few passes over the map to chance across all of them. Opinion seems to be mixed on whether the end of game boss is a complete departure from the things that made this game fun to play; personally I don't think this game needed a boss - I would replace it with a more satisfying end sequence. Regardless of that, this is a delightful experience, with lovely animation (the rain being an especially nice touch).
Play Town of Fears Town of Fears Nov. 08, 2011
Quinn's Review: I thought the gameplay in Town of Fears was rich and fairly original - the Mario World story path, the interchange of characters, the RPG skill system and the combat options were all simple but allowed for tactics. But undoubtedly it is the story that made this game. When all five of my heroes came together for the final fight, I felt proud and unstoppable (until we were stopped, anyway). That's quite an achievement. Speaking of achievements though, the Hard achievement is really, really hard. Too hard for me, but that doesn't spoil the game one whit.
Play Great Game 1/5 Great Game 1/5 Nov. 08, 2011
Quinn's Review: There are many games in the style of Achievement Unlocked, but this is the first I've seen since the original with the gentle wit to do credit to the genre. Basing the concept on the inane commentary attached to all games on Kong feels fond rather than angsty. I only wish two things: I didn't have to cycle through five or six levels in sequence just to play one particular game; and I wish completing the achievements was rewarded with an achievement.