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Play Sentry Knight Sentry Knight Jan. 13, 2014
the game keeps getting stuck at the end of world 3
Developer response from JWolfGames

Somehow a bug made it through in my creep array and it wasn't registering an enemy properly. Give the game a refresh (browser refresh) and all should be okay to continue on World 3.

Play Strike Force Heroes 2 Strike Force Heroes 2 Dec. 23, 2013
i never thought a sheep cannon would be my favorite weapon
Play Feudalism II Feudalism II Dec. 23, 2013
wow... am i the only one who finds the katar's 3rd ability to be ridiculously strong?
Play LRD: Rebirth LRD: Rebirth Jan. 26, 2013
Blast + Light transformation + boost = one shotting everything ftw
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Nov. 12, 2012
@Ibuuyk if you clear your cache, cookies, etc it will wipe your saved game since it gets saved that way and not saved on the site
Play Jacksmith Jacksmith Oct. 07, 2012
alright. it takes me 2 seconds to hammer a sword/ pike. 3 seconds to put the axe together. 4 seconds to get the bows straight... then it takes 15-20 seconds to put together a mace!!!!!!!!!!! this is irritating!!!!!!
Play The Last Stand The Last Stand Sep. 02, 2012
wow... why is everyone complaining about day 2 all you need to do is put a lot of time into weapons so you have the .357 magnum
Play Zombie Situation Zombie Situation Jul. 10, 2012
am i the only one who noticed for a boss that was extremely easy?
Play Flight Flight Jul. 05, 2012
i freaking love the mystery upgrade
Play Elements Elements Jul. 01, 2012
@LTDLachlan the fact that your permanents arent really permanent is the same over alot of tcg's virtual and real. Magic: The Gathering is the exact same way!
Play You Find Yourself In A Room You Find Yourself In A Room Jun. 30, 2012
random guessing on the complex keypad works yay for lack of patience
Play Sugar, sugar 2 Sugar, sugar 2 Jun. 25, 2012
please please please add a delete line button
Play Defender's Quest (lengthy!) Demo Defender's Quest (lengthy!) Demo Jun. 11, 2012
Man do i love being a powerup member! this game for free thanks to the wonderful people at gamestop!
Play WereBox 2 WereBox 2 Jun. 11, 2012
@manjohn actually nothing needs to be fixed it works just fine. its a little difficult sure but heres a tip/ i never even used the center bomb area.
Play Krabs Party Krabs Party Jun. 09, 2012
DOH! i could never get my crabs to do this until i dressed them up into a pirate and a doctor!
Play King's Game King's Game Jun. 09, 2012
is it just me or are the final rush levels extremely easy
Play Road Wolves Road Wolves Jun. 08, 2012
Why Nitro no work?
Play Epic War Saga Epic War Saga May. 05, 2012
a sell option is a must and is there even really a point to have battle points?
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Apr. 24, 2012
to those wondering about the best team to play for in my game it was wimble
Play Age of War Mobile Age of War Mobile Apr. 08, 2012
i love this game! please fix the lag issues... if that gets fixed 5/5