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Play Mr. Bree - Returning Home Mr. Bree - Returning Home Feb. 19, 2012
ok,so i beat the game completely,but for some reason didnt get the trophy for completing tenth level...also i pressed every button,including discovering the hidden debug button,but could find no quality button that would give me a missing 3 trophies,all of which earned(the third and final is all trophies gotten)... needless to say,after all that painstaking work,it would be nice if the rewards were actually awarded to me... now back to my essay...(great game for procrastination btw)
Play Wiring Wiring Oct. 19, 2011
a freeplay option would be nice so you can connect em all,but overall a great game nice and challenging as well :)
Play Logical Shift Logical Shift Jul. 10, 2011
there are a number of ways to do this,but none of the ways seem to yield a win was rubbish,way too irritating to work,could be a good game if it had levels getting progressively harder,and an easier way to join lines,and an easier way to remove lines...overall,rubbish game
Play No Time To Explain No Time To Explain Jan. 28, 2011
while the game looks great,and funny,it really isn't good without a mouse(aiming the gun while firing,while moving is virtually impossible)
Play Lightbot 2.0 Lightbot 2.0 Jun. 22, 2010
@ gerardgat95: press forward,then if it messes up refresh,when it re-loads it should work fine,at least it does for me,and i had the same problem...
Play Loved Loved Jun. 19, 2010
k,i get the point,but seriously bad GAME...point of games is 2 enjoy them and be challenged by them,not to learn life lessons,if i wanted life lessons i would LIVE MY OWN LIFE,not learn them from a "game"
Play Days of The Dead Days of The Dead Jun. 12, 2010
would like it to go on for longer,mayb be able 2 buy assistants
Play sky shooting sky shooting Jun. 10, 2010
needs more upgrades and levels,mayb a tiny bit 2 hard at the start(dont worry about it though),good game overall 4/5
Play Castle Defender Castle Defender Jun. 07, 2010
stolen,it has copyright 1999-2010 on it,clearly showing that its 11 years old and stolen
Play Elevator Rush Elevator Rush Jun. 07, 2010
didnt enjoy it,too slow add some things that you can buy ie faster elevator,more people in elevator,items to keep people happy etc
Play Soccer World Soccer World Jun. 07, 2010
the shooting is terrible,not enough control,other than that and the run-in glitch,good game
Play Square-Head Warrior Square-Head Warrior Jun. 07, 2010
decent game,some achievments would be nice...shotgun is nothing compared to sniper,and is it a glitch that there are some kamikaze birds arriving in earlier levels,before the big one announcing them shows up?
Play Mario Defender Mario Defender Jun. 06, 2010
would be nice if smashing enemies into each other kills them,for example i swing a chomp around,if it hits an enemy hard enough,the enemy and chomp die also some times the monsters survive ridiculously hard landing,and other times they die too easily,should be fixed...otherwise good game,4/5
Play Basement Basement Jun. 05, 2010
good idea,needs to be able to jump higher,and maybe walk and push faster
Play Crazy ball Crazy ball Jun. 03, 2010
gets a bit repetitive,but very challenging as it goes on
Play Cellular Warfare Cellular Warfare May. 31, 2010
too boring,bigger cells dont actually kill you
Play Async Racing Async Racing May. 23, 2010
great game and concept,but the server nd load times are risiculous
Play Idle Kingdom Idle Kingdom Jan. 21, 2010
tajes so long,and the happiness thing is retarded,because the things that increase happiness take far 2 much resources 2 build
Play Solar Defense Solar Defense Jan. 15, 2010
mayb it took 3 hrs 2 make??? not a great game,way 2 easy,monotonous and boring
Play Traffic Madness Traffic Madness Jan. 15, 2010
good enough game,challenging,but missing something that i cant put my finger on...