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Play Ninja Assault Ninja Assault Mar. 15, 2014
i love how they dance at the end
Play Forbidden Arms Forbidden Arms Mar. 15, 2014
story= something that makes sense much approved 5/5 creativity is noticable, effort is shown,simplicity at its best indeed this game deserves a favorite :D
Developer response from kreig13

Thank you!

Play Swords & Sandals II: Emperor's Reign Swords & Sandals II: Emperor's Reign Mar. 01, 2014
i'd say if ur able to kill someone just by cussing them out, u should be considered to have more magic than someone who can conjur fireballs
Play Flappy Bird Flash Flappy Bird Flash Feb. 19, 2014
needs a "beserk" tag
Play Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Feb. 19, 2014
saw a female crossing the street saying "fap fap fap" as she gets bombed by goo XD
Play FlappyBird Desktop FlappyBird Desktop Feb. 14, 2014
Play Skyshard Heroes Skyshard Heroes Jan. 30, 2014
@ deepkiller, bym was more courteous, so it's not fair for u to say that, bym actually gave back the money we spent.
Play Sentry Knight Sentry Knight Jan. 19, 2014
add atleast 2 more slots please
Play Boxhead: The Nightmare Boxhead: The Nightmare Jan. 01, 2014
I'm taking it as the devs are editing the game right now?
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Dec. 14, 2013
besides the funky looking monsters, great game alot of thought and quite some originality in it, GJ, I personally can't design such a game, but i'd suggest a change in some of the monster appearances, cuz some of them either look ridiculous or hilarious.
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Dec. 14, 2013
I got addicted to snowboard game for 2 hours before actually starting the game ._.
Play Hero's Arms Hero's Arms Dec. 07, 2013
how is a chicken leg,"A bit heavy for a little kid!"?
Play BreakDaBrick BreakDaBrick Dec. 07, 2013
i glitched ur game XD the ball just goes side to side at 10x the normal speed
Play Catch the clown 1.0 Catch the clown 1.0 Dec. 07, 2013
Play Epic Combo! Epic Combo! Dec. 06, 2013
dribbling the turtles like michael jordan plays bball
Play Skyshard Heroes Skyshard Heroes Dec. 04, 2013
so? take our money and run? i see how it is... u sir deserve the name $ynapticoin u little money stealin thief
Play Agony: The Portal Agony: The Portal Nov. 02, 2013
After the scene of the bad ass rising, I was completely expecting a page saying something along the lines of," A NEW HERO HAS RISEN" XD
Play MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 Oct. 30, 2013
I took opened one of the priests "ornate chest" and was like sweet 3000 gold, then i talked to him and he's like, ALL MY MONEY IS IN THERE, Id commit suicide if it was stolen. Well I guess thats one priest down?
Play Death vs. Monstars Death vs. Monstars Oct. 13, 2013
Tip: use pause, then move mouse over to an area with no enemies near the path between ur location and mouse then unpause- this makes ur character dash over to the spot after unpausing useful when getting cornered, + so others can see
Play Dungeon Rampage Dungeon Rampage Aug. 27, 2013
RHino: i see an ice bomb going, hmm ill think ill just hover over it and see waht happens? OH I most definitely didn't expect to get hurt... what stupid pets I have