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Play CellCraft CellCraft Feb. 19, 2014
Waaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard. Stuck on lvl 6 forever.
Play Earn to Die 2012: Part 2 Earn to Die 2012: Part 2 Dec. 16, 2013
I'd rather play a game than see 'Out of Fuel' every 20 seconds. I don't think this game is for me.
Play Bloons Super Monkey 2 Bloons Super Monkey 2 Nov. 14, 2013
Being able to sell back skills would help a lot with the grind. All the shielded lead balloons have made all the money I spent upgrading boomerangs useless.
Play Road of the Dead 2 Road of the Dead 2 Nov. 06, 2013
This game is a great example of something that really should be fun, but for a variety of small reasons fails horrendously at the fun factor. Too grindly, too laggy, too frustrating.
Play Papa's Wingeria Papa's Wingeria Sep. 06, 2013
Why am I serving honey mustard boneless wings? You want chicken nuggets, go to mcdonalds ya punks!
Play Typing Ninja Hunter Typing Ninja Hunter Mar. 20, 2013
Eff this game. I'm not playing memorize the key sequences for the last boss. Simply not enough time to actually win without knowing them beforehand.
Play BioGems BioGems Mar. 08, 2012
I really wanted to like this game. It's a fun concept. However, it may actually be the most unbalanced gameplay on kong. There's only nine levels. Did you play test this at all?
Play Heavy Weapons Heavy Weapons Feb. 22, 2012
Controls for the ship don't feel very precise to me at all. Otherwise, it's good stuff.
Play XenoSquad XenoSquad Nov. 01, 2011
Nicely done! Now to dig out my old copies of XCOM... :)
Play Shopping Cart Hero 2 Shopping Cart Hero 2 Sep. 28, 2011
Why do all the upgrades suck? Expect for pole vault, the tricks stink. 165k for a dumpster and rockets that add maybe 5-10% to my distance? Most of them just feel like a waste of money.
Play Cube Colossus Cube Colossus Sep. 14, 2011
It would be a lot better if Rua would quit trying to "aim". I wish the bullets would just go straight from the ship.
Play CycloManiacs 2 CycloManiacs 2 Sep. 01, 2011
Too many riders. Too many levels where you have to use a certain one. Kind of annoying to be forced to use a certain rider when they are simply terrible. Otherwise, awesome again!
Play Battle Blocks Defense Battle Blocks Defense Aug. 15, 2011
Either I'm missing something or this game is waaaaaaay too hard.
Developer response from Ninjakiwi

It can take a little while to get the hang of, but once you get there you should find it become much easier. Try to build red super towers early, and put green shield blocks (or a super shield tower) in front of it early on. That will make life much easier!

Play Rubble Trouble New York Rubble Trouble New York Aug. 01, 2011
I don't care much for the scrolling. Makes things harder than it should be sometimes.
Play Epic War 4 Epic War 4 Jul. 15, 2011
Didn't you make this game already? I expected more changes between this and EW3 especially in a game that has promise to better than it is.
Play Lucky Tower Lucky Tower Jun. 02, 2011
Why no subtitles?
Play Elephant Quest Elephant Quest May. 18, 2011
First game I ever wanted to give a 6/5.
Play Upgrade Complete 2 Upgrade Complete 2 Apr. 19, 2011
It pains me to see this so high in the "Shooter" category rankings. Not because I don't like the game, but because it's really awful if viewed solely as a shooter. The fun is in the upgrades.
Play Wizard's Run Wizard's Run Apr. 15, 2011
Survival mode is ok, but the actual game is way too easy. I played straight though and had a silver or gold medal on every level.
Play Bullet Heaven Bullet Heaven Apr. 06, 2011
Wish you could turn off the gems, coins, etc. They can be distracting when there's 10,000 bullets on the screen I'm trying to avoid.