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Play Clash of the Dragons Clash of the Dragons Jan. 14, 2012
There should be a way to sell/get rid of equipment...
Play My "Dear" Boss My "Dear" Boss Jan. 13, 2012
You'd think he'd get fired after the first kick...just saying...
Play Versus Umbra Versus Umbra Jan. 07, 2012
Good game. I like the upgrade system on the weapons. I don't really like the premium content (just like everyone else), but I understand why and most of the game IS free and I'm happy for that. At least you can PLAY this game without paying money and not have almost everything cost a TON. 10 bucks for this great game? I've seen ones that have package deals for a supply of (premium) coins or something that cost 50-200 dollars. This is pretty cheap compared. Anyways, 4/5 and keep up the good work.
Developer response from Arkuni

Will do :)

Play GunBall 2: Emperor Revenge GunBall 2: Emperor Revenge Jan. 06, 2012
Is it just me, or is the grammar REALLY bad?
Play Creeper World 2: Academy Creeper World 2: Academy Dec. 30, 2011
Those bombs on the tenth mission were amazingly useful. Just send them in really deep and then they'll convert the creeper-really DENSE creeper-into good creeper, without using ore.
Play Dodge Dodge Dec. 30, 2011
I love these innovative, simple, and well made game. Make sure to buy the health after round 19, unless you're almost full health or are going for max points. I nearly died. Anyway 5/5 and favorited.
Play Civilizations Wars Civilizations Wars Dec. 28, 2011
Make. This. For. Android.
Play Second Person Shooter Zato Second Person Shooter Zato Dec. 26, 2011
Very much unique game. I hope many developers follow in your footsteps. This reminds me of a book i once read O.o
Play Alone Alone Dec. 21, 2011
For number 9: U L U D R R U L U U L U D R R U L U U U R R U
Play Realm of the Mad God Realm of the Mad God Nov. 22, 2011
I hate how in all the MMOs the developer never listens to the comments...
Play Realm of the Mad God Realm of the Mad God Nov. 19, 2011
I agree with others in that there should be a "friends" feature. One thing, however, that I think would be a welcome addition is a sort of "web' that shows what classes (with level required, of course) are needed to unlock another class. Also, they should be in some sort of order. "Wizard" is in the middle. Kind of random. The lesser classes should be on the top, the better ones as a "second tier," 3 specialized classes on the third, and one very good generalized "superclass" at the bottom. Just a suggestion. Either way 4/5, nice job.
Play Focus Focus Nov. 12, 2011
Fun and difficult. The perfect formula for a bestseller. That is, if you sold this.
Play Waterfalls 3 Waterfalls 3 Nov. 05, 2011
Fun...for the most a little repetitive, although this game just may be not for me.
Play Grinning Cobossus Grinning Cobossus Oct. 21, 2011
I beat the boss easily the first time on easy, almost on hard, then very easily on hard. In that order. Am I doing something wrong?
Play TDP4 Team Battle TDP4 Team Battle Oct. 15, 2011
Well I have something to say about this game. First, its way too repetitive. You shoot, you run for flags, and you camp. That's about it. Second, it's nearly impossible to level up at a decent rate. You get ONE exp everytime you kill someone. If you try to kill someone higher level than you, unless he/she sucks and you are very good, they will kill you every time, due to their gun. Last, there should be something besides multiplayer TDM, DM, and CTF. Please take my suggestions into suggestion, and please + for the developer to see.
Play Creeper World: User Space Creeper World: User Space Oct. 11, 2011
Fun game...a good challenge is always appreciated.
Play Badge Master Badge Master Sep. 01, 2011
Very nice application. I love the constant updating. Makes me come back for more.
Play Call of Gods Call of Gods Aug. 21, 2011
It's really too bad that the connection stinks because this game would be great without it. 4/5 for now, and 5/5 if they do.
Play Dude and Zombies Dude and Zombies Jul. 29, 2011
Fun game. I liked how it wasn't too hard, like Balloon in a Wasteland. It may be a tad on the easy side. Mabye make a cooldown after every time you shop? And also, you could make the game a bit more in depth than jumping around and shooting wildly, wave after wave.
Play Pel Pel Jul. 25, 2011
You gotta love it when you miss a ball to get an extra life.