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Play Bullseye (Interstellar Marines) Bullseye (Interstellar Marines) Feb. 15, 2011
Love it.
Play ShellShock Live ShellShock Live Feb. 08, 2011
The achievements don't work, apparently.
Play Adam and Eve Adam and Eve Feb. 06, 2011
Eve is such a bitch.
Play Penguins Attack 3 Penguins Attack 3 Jan. 03, 2011
Poor. As mwking said, Penguins Attack is a trilogy and so far, every single f*ing one of them was published with the very same issues. PA 3 is, all in all, an utterly poor rehash without any improvements whatsoever. If my memory doesn't fail me, I seem to recall PA 2 to be better balanced, so yeah, a heard-earned 1 star from me.
Play ShellShock Live ShellShock Live Dec. 31, 2010
By creating an account via, you can view certain statistics eg. win percentage etc. Is there any way to access these stats with a Kong account or will it be implemented anytime soon?
Play Frontline Defense 2 Frontline Defense 2 Dec. 22, 2010
Play Starlight Xmas Starlight Xmas Dec. 17, 2010
Love the atmosphere/music but the game itself is dull, due to its simplicity. Except for the first two, I never really needed more than 10 seconds.
Play Factory Balls, the Christmas edition Factory Balls, the Christmas edition Dec. 14, 2010
holy crap, I did it!
Play Anbot Anbot Nov. 29, 2010
Easy except for the password, was there any hint I missed? Took me alone ~150 clicks
Play Doodle Devil Doodle Devil Nov. 21, 2010
Am I really the only one bored by the game?
Play Momiga Momiga Oct. 27, 2010
Such an ingenious game. 286 1st try.
Play Imbossible Imbossible Oct. 15, 2010
It has a bit of everything from all the great platform games but in the end it's a watered-down replica. Though, I did enjoy the light difficulty because everything else would've made me rage at this late hour. Good night.
Play Nanopath Nanopath Oct. 15, 2010
You've pretty much seen it after a few levels. Nice idea though
Play Undead Highway Undead Highway Oct. 11, 2010
switching weapons is a pain in the ass.
Play Japanese Nonograms Japanese Nonograms Oct. 06, 2010
Solid game but seriously, where are you supposed to start on Chameleon? It's either guessing or I'm blind.
Play Shattered Colony: The Survivors Shattered Colony: The Survivors Oct. 03, 2010
Same here chichi, it's such a addicting game. duerig, thanks for the great updates!
Play Music Match Music Match Sep. 29, 2010
You rock master machines. The Mafiaa better hush.
Play PC.Defense PC.Defense Sep. 19, 2010
As much as I love tower defence games, this one was rather dull.
Play iZZi iZZi Sep. 19, 2010
Could've been more challenging and/or longer but I truly enjoyed it. And indeed, a manual colour changer would be a great addition! Also, the game should keep track of how many cannons you need per level.
Play [Visible] III [Visible] III Sep. 18, 2010
Expected Gauntlet to be tougher but it's not much harder than lvl 14 for example. Pretty good game though and without the rather messy walljump it would be too easy I suppose.