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    In Hello World, getting muted
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After 8 goddamn years, on April 28, 2016, I finally got the impossible badge for the first game I’ve ever played on this website, Amorphous+

An ex-mod, who retired to join a life of trolling and injustice
Total Amount of Kongregate Support Warnings/Reports/Butthurt People Who Reported Me: 9

Amount of Perma-ban Threats: 1
(Un)Funny quotes I made/received while chatting:
guitargod211: glad to see no one can answer my question
guitargod211: fking children
chumtin: Can we all ignore guitar god to make him angry?
JoeTheSpy: Sounds good to me.
chumtin: He muted me so he can’t see this xD
JoeTheSpy: Oh that is just evil
JoeTheSpy: I think I like you
Lloyd_Majere: It’s actually funny seeing chum ahead of the chat a bit. Rare, but funny. ________________________________________________________
chumtin: I think stan has an abnormally large penis.
chumtin: Does anyone else think so? :/
SerenitysEnde: I prefer not to think about it Chum.
stanwise: I will not dispute the truth of this statement but I will ask you to keep it pg-13 please chum
chumtin: I was talking to myself
DakuRaita: if you talk to yourself, do it in your head
chumtin: Do what in my head?
chumtin: Myself?
chumtin: That’s weird.
NewOrleans1226: chum I want you to know I really enjoy you being in here
Tek27: facepalm trying to get yourself muted is despicable behavior.
chumtin: Not if you’re chumtin
chumtin: Then, its a hobby
XD4RKL0RDX2: LAUGHS ________________________________________________________
zanvien: let chumtin magicaly shove eggs up ur ass
chumtin: That sounds so weird out of context
chumtin: Like someone that muted me would say “wtf”
Tek27: it sounded weird in context, too.
eli15: its sounds weird IN context
eli15: oh you beat me to it
Tek27: lol
FreeFallHero: I was about to type that but two persons ninajed me.
FreeFallHero: **** you all.
Hate Mail/Mutes

1: GamerGirl270: I just muted Chumtin so idk whats going on
2: RabidLightning: Let’s both mute chumtin.
3: FreeFallHero: Muted.
4: Lexi_Boots: muted… phantom and chum….
4.5: Lexi_Boots: desperate children.
5: eli15 has muted you
6: LightclawGaming has muted you.
6.33: LightclawGaming: Madison, I wouldnt talk to chumtin
6.66: LightclawGaming: They are jerkbags.
7: ForlornEndeavor has muted you.
8. Malexo has muted you.
9. SmokinBuddha93 has muted you.
10. Soaponarope1: I muted chum
11. bgranger03: chumtin muted…
12. Tek27: I’m muting you now, chumtin.
13. AtomicCrown51 has muted you.
14. XD4RKL0RDX2 has muted you.
15. Littledog09 has muted you.
16. bgranger03 has muted you.
17. DarrinH2: is there anyway to filter the word Chumtin from the chat lol i have him muted but could use not to hear about him, causes so much trouble in this chat
18. Antigaprime has muted you.
19. guitargod211: muted you ****
20. FTLcaptain has muted you.
21. rawahyf: Does chumtin notice I muted him a long time ago? XD
22. lumilucy: i muted him now
23. 13irth: and now you’re blocked
24. bl865ood: I blocked chumtin a while ago
25. DakuRaita has muted you.
26. DarkBlackMomba has muted you.
27. dakotacardoso: I just muted chumtin

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