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Play Hands of War 3 Hands of War 3 Feb. 22, 2014
Anyone know how to get to the third map(the small one that isn't the one containing the final boss)? It's been driving me crazy...
Play Tainted Kingdom Tainted Kingdom Feb. 19, 2014
Just finished mission 10 with both awards. When in doubt, use hunters. Also, a helpful note to those who never built the cathedral because priests tend to be weak units: The second upgrade also effects hunters, and it's very powerful.
Play Achievement Unlocked 3 Achievement Unlocked 3 Feb. 17, 2014
Evidently, flaming hamsters are not extinguished by water. Strange. Anyways, 5/5.
Play Awaken: Hell Unleashed Awaken: Hell Unleashed Feb. 15, 2014
Awesome! 5/5
Developer response from Ramos_emanuel

thank you

Play Road Of Fury Road Of Fury Feb. 09, 2014
Anyone else notice that there's writing on the side of the missiles?
Play Strike Force Heroes 2 Strike Force Heroes 2 Feb. 08, 2014
Really like the game, but the classes are somewhat unbalanced. Mercenaries in particular really have nothing going for them. Machineguns are outdone by the engineer, their explosives have less damage than sniper rifles and generally harder to hit with, and they still end up dead if exposed to any kind of damage. Regardless, it was an excellent game overall, and my rating's solidly 5/5
Play Renegade Renegade Jan. 25, 2014
Another note, you should be able to turn off engine to become untargetable by missiles. Without any means of dodging them, they seem to always hit. Also, on the start screen, you should be able to mouseover the different objects and get an explanation text about what they do. Finally, fuel probably shouldn't be present ingame. The added difficulty from controlling it detracts from the simple, fun, arcade style. Otherwise, still an excellent concept, and further development will make it even better.
Play Renegade Renegade Jan. 25, 2014
I like the game - it's got a really arcade - like feel, but the difficulty curve is a bit steep. In particular, the small enemy ships are very difficult to hit. Repurposing them as drones that fly around a larger, slower control ship would be a cool way to make the game more balanced and interesting. Overall, 4/5
Play Crystal Planet Crystal Planet Dec. 14, 2013
A few of the buildings are a bit glitched, like the armory, which doesn't seem to produce anything in upgraded form. Other than that, I'd add a line of sight check to the guns so that they don't attempt to shoot through solid rock.
Play Verakia: Legends and War Verakia: Legends and War Oct. 14, 2013
Found the mute button. It's in options. It ought to be added to the main menu.
Play Verakia: Legends and War Verakia: Legends and War Oct. 14, 2013
In addition to my earlier comment, a decent improvement in tactics could be added with area of effect damage. The highest tier units of each side could deal 75% of their damage to the target and 25% to each other unit in their range, and archers and such could be given some sort of explosive attack that would rarely be used. That, along with some sort of way to eliminate archer buildups, could add a more balanced gameplay.
Play Verakia: Legends and War Verakia: Legends and War Oct. 14, 2013
Could use a mute button.
Play Air Attack Air Attack Oct. 09, 2013
Some comments: It's a good base for a game, and an excellent starting point, but there are quite a few glitches. I'd suggest coding by hand. It makes glitches less likely and easier to fix. Furthermore, buying ammo isn't practical, given the very low income. I'd suggest giving them a cooldown and having the player instead upgrade a weapon's damage and decrease cooldown. Likewise, the cargo planes could drop large amounts of cash rather than a single unit of ammo for a single weapon, or special ammunition like smartbombs or nukes that do huge levels of damage. Finally, a buyable gun turret or attack helicopter to assist the player would be useful.
Developer response from zzulian

Thanks again for advices, What I use is quite a programming language, variables, function, loop..., there are debuging tools, inspect elements... debugging step by step. it's just I'm a bit lasy. Ive a look on AS2 or AS3 but it's not very portable. Anyway now Im working on Navpoint2 and taking in mind all the remarks. Thanks again for the quality of your remarks.

Play Nav Point Nav Point Jul. 19, 2013
I found an enemy not listed in the starting screen. It had a lot of health, but went down easily enough to my fully upgraded command ship.
Developer response from zzulian

two enemies ship are not listed. surprise ! but they should be appear very far in the game. So if meet one, it's maybe after the navpoint20, if I remember.

Play Nav Point Nav Point Jul. 19, 2013
I'd like to see some sort of checkpoints to reach, which save the game, and a more steady and consistent difficulty curve. It's a good idea, and it can certainly get better. 3.5/5, I'll watch this game for later developments.
Developer response from zzulian

Now you can save, when you click next nav point, it saves the game.

Play Nav Point Nav Point Jul. 19, 2013
You may want to set the volume lower on startup. RIP headphone users. ;)
Developer response from zzulian

great ;) If my games can be a weapon too.

Play War of the Web War of the Web Jul. 17, 2013
Desertsniper13 is a traitor. He's got accounts on all 4 sites. His farms are on kong and jiggs, and the other two are operational military bases. Raid his farms if you're still weak, and attack his other two bases if you can.
Play New Game New Game Jul. 13, 2013
Its just the stencyl company's demo game, you didn't add anything. I thought stencyl spammers all left a year ago. Guess not.
Play Strike Force Heroes 2 Strike Force Heroes 2 Jun. 08, 2013
Anyone else think the elemental weapons for the heavy are underpowered? There's no reason not to use the shotgun, as the extra effects seem to be fairly useless, given that the shotgun simply kills most enemies immediately.
Play Strike Force Heroes 2 Strike Force Heroes 2 Jun. 07, 2013
Anyone else think a nice polish addition to the game would be for enemies to stop respawning once the match is finished? It would give a feel of having actually fended off an attack or cleared out a base that simply doesn't exist when, as the game is telling you that you won, the enemy that you just killed respawns and kills you right back.