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Don't Escape

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Jul. 11, 2013

Rating: 1

Boy did it take me like 10 tries to figure out how to properly utilize the potion.

Monty's Moon

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Jun. 25, 2013

Rating: 1

I beat the damn game before realizing how to activate the power ups. I figured they were automatic and didn't realize I was wrong until I checked the trophy screen once I beat it and saw I was 0/10 for all the power up trophies.


Play Memohuntress

Jun. 25, 2013

Rating: 3

I spent like 10 minutes trying to find a Starkiss on level 4 even with the hint arrow pointing at it. Great game, 5/5. I do wish level 4 had less items that required great reaction time.

Developer response from SpikeVallentine

Yes...the items on the last level is dangerously deceptive. Crazy parallax.


Play Secretnet

Jun. 24, 2013

Rating: 1

I really like it. 5/5

Pretentious Game

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Jun. 24, 2013

Rating: 2

No offense, but I think I've played this exact thing 4 or 5 other times.

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM

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Jun. 19, 2013

Rating: 3

Not a bad game, but the scammy Facebook interface is a huge turn off. Also, is 3 currencies really necessary?

Developer response from konamikg

The 3 currencies give us more variiety to implement new features and to balance them as well. What don't you like about the interface exactly? How would you like to see it? :)

Papa's Pancakeria

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Jun. 03, 2013

Rating: 10

Do your duty and 1 star these pieces of crap so they stop getting badges and BotD.

Disaster Will Strike 2

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May. 28, 2013

Rating: 2

I liked it. I was worried it was another Castle Crasher/Angry Birds thing from the thumbnail, but I was pleasantly surprised. Good job

This is not a minimalist game

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May. 07, 2013

Rating: 1

I don't know what the hell just happened. 2deep4me


Play ButtonX20

Apr. 22, 2013

Rating: 2

That pause level was genius. Good job

Hero's Arms

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Apr. 19, 2013

Rating: 2

Finally completely beat it. I loved it, but I didn't like having to grind for the last few thousand gold to get every item.

Hero's Arms

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Apr. 19, 2013

Rating: 0

Great game. I spent like 45 minutes trying to find the last key for the first fortress in world 2 and I just gave up.

Fear Less!

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Mar. 18, 2013

Rating: 0

I spent far too long to get that last badge. The game DESPERATELY needs a timer and some way to tell the distance. Also, it'd be nice to know how long you needed to run to finish the game, but I guess keeping that a mystery is kinda the point of the game.



Mar. 14, 2013

Rating: -1

1 life? This isn't Pac Man. But it was still excellent and fun.

Bubble Sky

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Mar. 05, 2013

Rating: 3

Other than the fact that new bubbles appear randomly when you are about to finish a level, it's pants-on-head retarded that you get a guider line for about 5% of the shots. On top of that, I clicked the restart button for level 3 because I was swamped by random shit, and it took me to level 1 instead of restarting the level I was on. Since I can't give a zero, 1/5

Sola Rola - The Gravity Maze

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Feb. 01, 2013

Rating: 3

Let's put a game as the BotD that doesn't work unless you jump through a bunch of hoops! gg Kongregate

New Star Soccer

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Jan. 31, 2013

Rating: 5

-"Do you want to play again?" No, but I have to for this goddamn badge.

IndestructoTank! AE

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Jan. 25, 2013

Rating: 3

No WASD support and having to keep the cursor in a tiny window? Awful decisions.


Play BoomsticK

Jan. 24, 2013

Rating: 4

I hate the description and title of the hard badge. It implies (not even, it actually flat out tells you) there is a shop, even though it doesn't exist. I realize it's a reference to that campy zombie movie, but it's still dumb. You can downvote me all day but "S-Mart Shopper" and "shopped smart" basically lie to you.


Play Focus

Jan. 14, 2013

Rating: 8

The game is fun, but I kept having bugs. Most importantly, my movement would stick to either right or left and it'd take me mashing the keys to get them to correct themselves.