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Pandemic 2

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Jul. 09, 2013

Rating: 2

Madagascar presidential headquarters *assistant* Mr president a man coughed on his way to work in Canada *president* Close the ports, stops flights, close the schools, close the hospitals, exterminate rodents, and burn the bodies!!!!!!

Top Shot: The Game

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Jul. 05, 2013

Rating: -6

Piece of shit game, not even a game more so a abomination of a game, half the guns dont even work correctly, most revolvers shooter the left or right of their sights ect. not worth the time.

Mercenaries of War

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Jun. 22, 2013

Rating: 2

Pay to play players are ridiculous over-power when one of their units wipe out all 5 of mine in one turn.... Good game a few glitches and horrible balancing issues

Developer response from EruptiveGames

Hi Cody, are there any specific glitches that you encountered that we can look into? Thanks for letting us know your thoughts, and for checking out our game :)

Rise of Mythos

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Jun. 01, 2013

Rating: 3

One thing i would like is a way to transfer currency, other than that the game is well done and a long way away from pay to play, my hats off :)

Cobra Squad TD

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May. 22, 2013

Rating: -7

I find it cute when kids comment first and rate up their comments thinking they are hot shit....

Territory War 3 Kong

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May. 19, 2013

Rating: 6

is the item shop going to be coming to kong? Because it is on the xgenstudios version... If not i feel that the kong version is rather biased....

Developer response from AfroNinjaXGen

the items are for aesthetic purposes only. we need to make sure the game has enough players here before we convert all of the items into our system for the kred system here.

Sands of the Coliseum

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Apr. 21, 2013

Rating: 5

Should be a new skill tree like a beast master.... Or something of that area where you could use a tiger.... Or another animal which was used in coliseums could be interesting...


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Dec. 13, 2012

Rating: 2

Seemed to be down on yourself calling this game meaningless on your dev blog. Well let me tell you something, this game is ridiculously fun and amazing keep developing please i honestly enjoy your games.

Developer response from GameBuilder15

Thanks, I really appreciate it.

Charlie Sheen: Winning

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Sep. 30, 2012

Rating: 1

Look at the tags O_o


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Sep. 27, 2012

Rating: 2

A new genre of time-management/shop game? Hopefully i love the customization, strategy, and seeing your accomplishment, kudos fine people at filipine studios 5/5 for your ingenuity

Urban Rivals

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Sep. 22, 2012

Rating: -1

Xandramas the game was made in 2006 :/

Urban Rivals

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Sep. 22, 2012

Rating: 179

First of all it needs the clintz market because just premium is ridiculous, second we should be able to pick the starter deck we want like on their website, also it should have the same modes as on their website not some cheap knock off version

Flash Flight simulator

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Sep. 20, 2012

Rating: 1

let me tell you guys something simply look at the dates if you want to know if its original

Feudalism II

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Sep. 05, 2012

Rating: 0

lol its wrong when it says gullitone blade wont instant kill thats wrong some of the champions are instant kill with a gullitone

Feudalism II

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Sep. 04, 2012

Rating: 0

lol you have to enchant weapons one enchantment at a time because if you try to skip to ten its like a 15% chance for succes

Decision 2

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Sep. 03, 2012

Rating: 0

narb above


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Aug. 30, 2012

Rating: -3

lol use the invincible cheat and let him throw knifes into you and the next round the knifes will still be stuck in you

Stick Assasin Sequel

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Aug. 30, 2012

Rating: -2

:/ coppying narb guys this game is simon hasons tactical sniper 2

Feudalism II

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Aug. 26, 2012

Rating: 14

i really dont like how you can only get custom characters on arcade town


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Aug. 25, 2012

Rating: -1

because his is litterally dead mman