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Play Bear in Super Action Adventure Bear in Super Action Adventure Jun. 21, 2015
Play Fishy Waters Fishy Waters Apr. 16, 2014
Given the premise of the game, I was a little disappointed that the whales you could catch in the Arctic waters weren't white. Aside from that, though, solid effort all around. Great work, Hillbridge.
Play Epic Boss Fighter Epic Boss Fighter Mar. 29, 2014
They... They just didn't care at all, did they?
Play Tech&Magic Tech&Magic Jun. 17, 2013
Tech and Wizard is kind of like that one movie, Cowboys and Aliens. It takes a somewhat original and unique premise and forgets to have any kind of fun with it.
Play Steak and Jake Steak and Jake Dec. 01, 2012
Papa's Milkeria.
Play Papa's Hot Doggeria Papa's Hot Doggeria Dec. 01, 2012
These games are the culinary equivalent of Mario Party.
Play Papa's Hot Doggeria Papa's Hot Doggeria Dec. 01, 2012
KONG! What are you doing?! No! Bad Kong! Quit encouraging them! No more badges until they innovate something!
Play Wrestle Jump Wrestle Jump Nov. 21, 2012
Kiss me, you fool.
Play The Soul Driver The Soul Driver Jul. 21, 2011
This is an excellent little game, if a bit repetitive. I'd like to see this series continue, and I'd especially like to see a few genre shifts.
Play Burn The City Burn The City Jun. 05, 2011
This game has the two key attributes of an excellent mobile game: It's mildly addictive and would be much easier with touch controls.
Play Magi: The Fallen World Magi: The Fallen World Apr. 26, 2011
Gameplay: Repetitive. Story: Nonexistant. Difficulty: Trivial. Final verdict: Completely basic and unmemorable RPG. Don't waste your time. 1.5/5.
Play Stick War Stick War Jun. 18, 2010
It seems as though an odd glitch has appeared that causes an infinite number of enemies to appear in the third level. As a result, it seems the game is now impossible. Before this glitch showed up, however, the game was top quality. 4.75/5.
Play MegaDrill MegaDrill Feb. 12, 2010
All this guy needs to do is replace his nose with a pink clove of garlic and grow a big jagged mustache and he could pose for Wario.
Play Civilizations Wars Civilizations Wars Jan. 19, 2010
This was a clever idea, but I don't think we needed another Phage Wars clone. If it was a more realistic war game, then it would've been good, but as it is now, it's just mediocre. 3 stars.
Play Madness Combat Defense Madness Combat Defense Apr. 27, 2009
this game should be badged