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Play Endless War 5 Endless War 5 Jul. 16, 2012
I think there needs to be some heavy tanks above Sherman Calliope, as the M26 and Sherman were not the most powerful American tanks.
Play Happy Wheels Happy Wheels Jun. 18, 2012
Anyone else come here from watching Sips on youtube??
Play SCGMD4 SCGMD4 Feb. 06, 2012
"Hold your keyboard like a Guitar!" *Looks at broken laptop*
Play Escape The Bedroom Escape The Bedroom Jan. 09, 2012
Nice humour in the end text lol
Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Dec. 26, 2011
This is the best tower defence game I have played 5/5
Play Time World Time World Dec. 23, 2011
Anyone else click on this for the 5 stars, and were disappointed with what they found?
Play Doom Forge Doom Forge Nov. 15, 2011
Umm.. what is the point of this game??
Play Cursed Dungeon Cursed Dungeon Nov. 02, 2011
Nice game, but I would like to see more changes as you progress, not just increasing numbers.
Play Sketch Quest Sketch Quest Oct. 01, 2011
Thor's hammer works quite well as a melee weapon...
Play Creeper World: User Space Creeper World: User Space Sep. 21, 2011
Who else clicked on this hoping for something Minecraft related?
Play Arkandian Revenant Arkandian Revenant Aug. 29, 2011
I wanted to play this game, but I didn't want to faff around with updating my flash and changing browsers
Play Badge Master Badge Master Aug. 24, 2011
Welcome to Kongregate, the No.1 Badge earning game! Play through hundreds of minigames, chat to friends, post on the forums, and much more!!...
Play Thing-Thing Arena 3 Thing-Thing Arena 3 Aug. 18, 2011
Call 999 I cant move my legs!
Play Battle Beavers Battle Beavers Aug. 18, 2011
I give up...
Play Battle Beavers Battle Beavers Aug. 18, 2011
I hate dying in this game!!!!!!!....
Play Ruby Loft Escape Ruby Loft Escape Aug. 14, 2011
Sorry but that is not a loft...
Play BoomsticK BoomsticK Aug. 14, 2011
Gah... stop making games that we cant play in chrome...
Play Use Boxmen Use Boxmen Aug. 11, 2011
Im not prepared to go to another browser just to play this game....
Play The Majesty of Colors The Majesty of Colors Aug. 08, 2011
I had a beautiful dream... Pixels?!? I don't think so...
Play Rubble Trouble New York Rubble Trouble New York Jul. 29, 2011
Ivan might be a agent from the Soviet Union sent to destroy buildings in the west...