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Play Space Connect Space Connect Apr. 02, 2014
meh good attempt.
Play Fabrico Fabrico Apr. 02, 2014
sorry but i dont understand the point of 80% of the things in this game.
Play Astrox Astrox Mar. 26, 2014
Thank you for recent changes, they are great. Do you think you can sort by range for asteroids and pirates ?
Play EMP Game EMP Game Mar. 12, 2014
way too slow.
Developer response from VolodymyrD

Game was designed not to hold your hand constantly, but we will open 3x speed server soon enough, probably it will fit you better.

Play Idle Fantasy Idle Fantasy Mar. 12, 2014
I can also confirm that gems do not multiply right after a while.
Play Idle Fantasy Idle Fantasy Mar. 12, 2014
Can i please get a game with a comma.
Play Forbidden Arms Forbidden Arms Mar. 07, 2014
Good game, upgrades are WAY to confusing.
Play Bonfire Bonfire Mar. 06, 2014
Very unique idea. Needs some work. VERY good attempt.
Play Rise of the Titans Rise of the Titans Mar. 06, 2014
Great game, lots of work put into it. Especially love the evolution of the monsters. I do agree though it needs more balancing and the upgrades feel kind of worthless. I would expect the last monster to tear through the enviornment. All in all though, GJ
Play Fire on insects Fire on insects Mar. 06, 2014
weapon cost and descriptions are kinda key.
Play Zombie Truck 2 Zombie Truck 2 Mar. 05, 2014
spelling errors
Play Scrap Metal Scrap Metal Mar. 05, 2014
I really wanted to like this but you win every fight by picking all P's. Why spend that amount of time making a game that has no point. No strategy. This is just insulting.
Developer response from Dark_Timmy

Yeah,- I'm actually thinking of an update to address that. Kinda weird that it would be so effective! Didn't seem that way when I was testing but oh well! DANG IT! Thank you for checking it out. Glad you took a moment to play it! Best, -Tim

Play Bitcoin Miner v0.6 Bitcoin Miner v0.6 Mar. 05, 2014
save load dont work. very buggy game. Fix it because its not bad.
Play Bitcoin Miner v0.6 Bitcoin Miner v0.6 Mar. 05, 2014
amd 7990 doesnt work ( or at least show upgrade )
Play Cooper's Little Adventure Cooper's Little Adventure Feb. 23, 2014
smallest game ive ever seen
Play Battle Blocks Battle Blocks Feb. 10, 2014
does auto attack do anything ?
Play Just chilling Just chilling Feb. 01, 2014
Flagged and reported.
Play Call to Action Call to Action Jan. 20, 2014
Way to fast, most of your health gone before you can even shoot. Avoid.
Play Ninja ropes swing 3D Ninja ropes swing 3D Jan. 20, 2014
"I don’t update this game if rating will be lower than 3.5. " What a retard.
Play Dojo of Death Dojo of Death Jan. 20, 2014
shit game. No mute, no options, hard, ect.