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Play Play Disc Golf Online Play Disc Golf Online Feb. 13, 2011
"Shoot with Space" does not respond.
Play Play Disc Golf Online Play Disc Golf Online Feb. 13, 2011
Why do I have to dance all around my keyboard, just to play this game? Not fun, and not intuitive. Overly complicated.
Play Orboton Orboton Feb. 13, 2011
Nothing more than Marble Madness. Also somewhat difficult to control.
Play Flyy Flyy Feb. 13, 2011
I see no reason for the Unity engine in this game; it could have been executed with Flash. Controls are very slow to respond. Response time is very slow. Not an enjoyable gameplay. Game needs work. 1/5; too cumbersome. Needs work before it's properly playable. Control needs tweaking, at best.
Play Dark light Dark light Feb. 13, 2011
A fire where you start, and nothing else. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, and nothing to be found. Why, oh why, do you fools continue to upload these crappy, unfinished games? The Unity engine has some great potential, to be sure, but I'm extremely tired of the mess of 'test' and other unfinished games which are inundating Kongregate in the name of a game. This is most certainly NOT a game in any sense of the definition. I make the plea to starbeg101 and everyone else: Please, do NOT upload your half-assed and unfinished experiments, as you're only showing us that you don't know how to properly finish a game. Work on it, try to finish it, and think about submitting an ACTUAL GAME instead of the absolute garbage-pile of complete rubbish I've been seeing over the last few months. I don't create games, but I can see a lousy attempt for what it is. Dark Light is such a completely lousy effort, and it doesn't even show any reason to continue the exploration.
Play Rebuild Rebuild Feb. 13, 2011
Great game, and thanks for the override option of zombie horde combat. I played for the strategy, and it's excellent, and was delighted that I wasn't forced to engage in mindless combat just so that I could advance in the game. Got up to 250% happiness for my colony, and enjoyed every minute of it. I'll side with Arjunrah, who also asks for more cities and such; it would really add some further gameplay to this already fun and excellent game. A bit of expansion on this, and the game will take Kongregate by an absolute storm. Very well done.
Play Collapse It Collapse It Feb. 04, 2011
Very nice game. I managed to get a cup status on every level after a few replays.
Play unstoppaball unstoppaball Feb. 04, 2011
When on a 45-degree action base, arrow or WSAD keys are very clumsy as a control mechanism. Same goes for gamepad controllers. Textures and other graphic elements are good. Mouse control would be welcome, as for changing the view & direction of travel.
Play Ring Collector Ring Collector Feb. 04, 2011
LordHylas is right; the perspective is seriously lacking. It's nearly impossible to tell where your plane is in relation to the rings, and the control response is a bit too slow to be effective. I found myself flying all around the rings for a long time, and only managed to score 1. This needs some further development before it's a fully playable game. I give you an A for effort, though.
Play The Secret of Hildegards The Secret of Hildegards Feb. 01, 2011
Enjoyable game with very nice artwork, but I see no reason to use the Unity engine for it, and the ending was abrupt and disappointing.