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Play Hack Slash Crawl Hack Slash Crawl Feb. 25, 2015
Lol. Everything was going great with my Cursed Werewolf. I arrived at level 12 nearly invincible, no problems at all, already scenting that hard badge around the corner. Then, all of a sudden, the game bugs when I attack a random monster. Now I'm levelling up endlessly and everything else is frozen. Disappointed. 2/5
Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Nov. 25, 2014
Nice, but way too easy. The best riddle was the one involving the camera modes. 4/5
Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight Jun. 08, 2014
Yeah, that makes sense. \/
Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight Jun. 08, 2014
AI is too stupid. This makes time attack challenges to be 90% dependant on luck. Also, grinding earlier levels for money is boring, there should have alternative ways for getting it. Alternatively, you could make this unnecessary by smoothing the huge difficulty gap between consecutive levels. 4/5
Play Rolling Ghosts Rolling Ghosts Jun. 20, 2013
Easy, but I found the timing accuracy situations amazing. You could explore this nice feature for the sequel, offering new and more challenging challenges. ;) 5/5
Play Don't Shit Your Pants Don't Shit Your Pants May. 13, 2013
Never laughed so hard with a game. 5/5
Play Red Ball 4 (vol.2) Red Ball 4 (vol.2) May. 10, 2013
A relaxing game. Easy, not mind blasting or nerve burner, just well made, fast and simple. I really like it. 5/5
Play Mystery IQ Test Mystery IQ Test May. 09, 2013
So the minimum IQ is 80? Such an optimistic individual you are.
Play Demons vs Fairyland Demons vs Fairyland May. 06, 2013
I'm not a balanced person, and this game forces me to be. I'd be really happy to flood an area with a specific kind of tower and see a spectacular massacre like on some other TD's games, but even with all upgrades, this ends up in a disaster. Yet, a good and challenging game, I like it. 4/5
Play More Bloons More Bloons May. 05, 2013
Ridiculously difficult. I won't even bother going for the badge.
Play Particles Particles May. 05, 2013
Choose a corner. Stay idle. Dodge if needed. Go back to your spot. Repeat. Gratz for the badge.
Play Magnetized Magnetized May. 05, 2013
"Oh, what a sweet and easy game!"... Then I got to level 55.
Play Awful Awful May. 04, 2013
I never got so happy with a black screen
Play CaribbeanAdmiral CaribbeanAdmiral May. 04, 2013
Good and simple. Would be better if trading were more effective on later game, by raising ships' and upgrades' price while reducing salvagings' rewards, and giving those alternative shots (on board, crew and sail) a reasonable effect like: burn damage (for board shots), damage reducing (for crew shots) and ap damage (for sail shots). I'm saying that 'cause I simply didn't use these through my gameplay, I only used quick shots, that are cheaper. Also, following my logic, quick shots wouldn't be able to do ap damage anymore. And please, boost that final battle by empowering the boss and adding some more story for motivational effects.
Play Areas Areas May. 04, 2013
Everthing was fine before the shotgun...
Play Live Puzzle Live Puzzle May. 03, 2013
One of the hardest games I've ever seen. For me, at least.
Play no-one has to die. no-one has to die. May. 02, 2013
That feeling when you keep staring at something for several minutes while thinking "seriously, wtf is this?".
Play Aqua Boy Aqua Boy May. 02, 2013
I'd love if there was an option for using the mouse for controlling aquaboy and pressing a key to shoot. (frustrated notebook user)
Play Arkandian Explorer Arkandian Explorer May. 02, 2013
It's quite disappointing to break gems with maxed enchanting skill. That's not a fast/cheap skill to raise.
Play Arkandian Revenant Arkandian Revenant Apr. 27, 2013
Well, not much to add, I was going to comment about the limited resources and the laggy combat, but I see many people made great comments about this already. So I'll complain about something that really annoyed me: the inventory. Seriously, what's that thing's logic? I accidentally sold good itens several times due to that strange auto-rearrangement. Wouldn't it be much more simple if the inventory was filled row by row? Yet, a good game. 4/5