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Play Words Warriors Words Warriors Jul. 27, 2015
What a cool idea, I'd love to see a longer game.
Play Orion Trail [PROTOTYPE] Orion Trail [PROTOTYPE] Mar. 25, 2015
The victory dance of the guy on the left is awesome.
Play Gateway I Gateway I Feb. 27, 2015
Considering how short this is, and the lack of any story, I'm going to assume that this is more of an engine test than a full game, in which case I'm giving it 5 stars because it seems to work just fine.
Play Abandoned Abandoned Jan. 15, 2015
It's like Submachine meets The Dark Tower. Very well done, I look forward to the next one.
Developer response from krutovigor

Hi. I have finished the next part of Abandoned. It's not Abandoned 2, but spin-off. Some bridge between 1st and 2nd part. Hope you'll like it.

Play Planets Gone Rogue! Planets Gone Rogue! Dec. 02, 2014
Two serious bugs: First, purchasing an upgrade does not always succeed. The money is deducted, and the item appears or the stars are highlighted, but then if you navigate away from the upgraded item and then back again, the newly purchased stars are no longer lit and the upgrades don't appear in gameplay. Second, only about one out of every ten clicks on the map are recognized.
Developer response from OneManBandGames

Thanks for playing and reporting these bugs! I'm sorry you had to experience two bugs at once. The strange thing is that I can't reproduce these issues on my pc, no matter how hard I try. Do you have the feeling the game is lagging / running slow? I know of one player who reported he could not select any weapons in battle and that problem went away when he turned down the render quality settings in the options, maybe this is worth a try.

Play Gravitee Wars Online Gravitee Wars Online Nov. 20, 2014
Worms In Space. Not bad, I like the upgrade system.
Play PicTune PicTune Nov. 20, 2014
Cool concept, starts getting really challenging around level 26.
Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Nov. 20, 2014
Very cool, looking forward to the next episode. The grammar could use some work, but it didn't really detract from the game. 5 stars. Got a screenshot of those runes at the end, just in case ;)
Play Stratega Stratega Aug. 12, 2014
The graphics are pretty nice, the audio isn't bad, but you get a 1/5 for being a blatant ripoff of Space Game. It's not even nearly as good as Space Game, since you can't zoom in or out, the map is basically worthless, and every part of your base is the same color, making things very hard to identify. You obviously know how to put a game together, so why plagiarise someone else's idea? I would give you a 0/5 if I could.
Play Spore Spore Aug. 12, 2014
The music is beautiful, the graphics are really nice, but the difficulty curve is rather steep, and the "enemies" get lost in a cloud of particles, so that you end up "just flailing blindly" as uberpenguin put it. 3/5
Play Idle Space Idle Space Aug. 12, 2014
No graphics, broken pricing, and pirate attacks that never really seem to change, despite the supposed strength of your fleet. Is this supposed to be a game?
Play The Last Stand: Dead Zone The Last Stand: Dead Zone Aug. 07, 2014
I would like to make a suggestion. Instead of having just an offensive and defensive equipment loadout for each character, have a loud offensive and a quiet offensive, and then defensive. This would allow a player to run a raid or switch to a longer range strategy before running a mission without having to assign everything and then reassign it back. You could even give each character a certain number of loadouts that can be set as default for a given situation or chosen manually when running a raid or mission. I can't imagine anyone ever needing more than four loadouts per character, but more than two would be very helpful.
Play The Deepest Sleep The Deepest Sleep Aug. 04, 2014
That first part seriously scared me half to death, even though I was totally ready for it. Well done. 5 stars. Not sure I'm gonna play the rest.
Play The Trader of Stories The Trader of Stories Jul. 07, 2014
Nice music, great art, kinda disappointed it was so short. Reminds me of that game with the cloud harvesters and floating rocks. Oh, and it didn't give me the badge after completing the story. Gave it five stars anyway.
Play Ashtaria Ashtaria Jun. 23, 2014
The graphics are nice and the music is really quite good. But the gameplay feels very hollow.
Developer response from Dreamslair

Sorry to hear that, cyberjacques! But thanks for the other compliments.

Play Obliterate Everything 3 Obliterate Everything 3 May. 31, 2014
I played the first level that offers what appears to be a new equipment unlock, and my inventory now says 7/50, but I only see six items in the inventory and I cannot replay the mission.
Play Fishy Waters Fishy Waters Apr. 16, 2014
Fun, nice art, cool music, way too short and easy. Room for improvement. Perhaps some hazards, repairs and fuel costs, a wider selection of upgrades with different stats, crew members.
Play Loot Heroes Loot Heroes Mar. 21, 2014
This game is a lot of fun so far. The only minor suggestion would be to have some way of increasing your equipment slots and gaining additional skills, even if it were expensive.
Play Submachine 9: the Temple Submachine 9: the Temple Mar. 17, 2014
Awesome, as always! I liked the little ending after the ending. Very cool.
Play Steampunk Tower Steampunk Tower Nov. 26, 2013
The old music is awesome, but I agree you should include it in the credits. Other than that, very cool.